Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teen Mom 2: Triple Update with Birthdays, Court, and Concerts

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Mega-update below, so no major commentary overall. Basics: Good for Leah, Jenelle is just like Amber, nothing's new with Kailyn, Chelsea needs to give up on Adam.

Teen Mom 2 "Keeping Hope Alive" (S03E02):
Kailyn: Her mother is blocking her calls or something. [Isaac has gotten really big!] She decides to call Jordan. [meh.]

Jenelle: Her car breaks down, but luckily her mother loans her some money to get another car. [they have SUCH a love-hate relationship!] She decides to tell her mom that she's going to fail her drug test, and she's thinking of buying a "clean-system chemical" from the smoke shop. She does, but it tastes terrible and doesn't work. [flashbacks to one job I had years ago where multiple coworkers had issues passing the drug test and us "good kids" tried to get our crappy colleagues fired by insisting on more surprise tests.] She goes to see her lawyer about what's going to happen next: there's a chance that her probation officer will give her a second chance, but Jenelle really doesn't think that she'll be able to make nine months without smoking pot, so 45 days in jail is her only option. [I spend a lot of my time rolling my eyes at Jenelle.]

Leah: ["Lyne" as Leah's name on her paperwork?] As per a custody mediation, Leah will have the girls during the weeks and one weekend a month, while Corey will get them three weekends each month. She logs into his email account and prints out a bunch of emails from girls. [...why bother?] She asks Corey about it, saying that she can't believe he's talking to other girls already, but he says that he's lonely and sure that she's been talking to guys, though she claims that she hasn't. [Ali got new glasses? bleh.]

Chelsea: For Chelsea's birthday, Adam gives her a ring to promise that he isn't going anywhere. She decides to quit her job because she got into a conflict with the manager over her hours and schedule. [who does that? and, her glasses are hideous, by the way.] She wants to keep both her relationship and her job situation a secret from her dad, but the "quitting before having another job lined up" part comes up pretty quickly. [no surprise to me.] Only moments later, her dad notices the ring and she has to explain that, too.

Teen Mom 2 "Things Come to An End" (S03E03):
Kailyn: She meets up with Jordan and later finds out that Jo has been drinking on nights he has Isaac. [not a good sign.] Kailyn immediately calls Jo to confront him about it and he denies it, saying he wasn't drinking and that Isaac was with his mother. [double coverage.] Kailyn goes to her lawyer to ask for every other weekend with Isaac anyway.   

Jenelle: It's been another week and Jenelle can't stop smoking pot. [duh.] Her friend Tori tells her that she needs to stay away from Kieffer if she wants to be friends, and Jenelle says that he's in NJ so there's no issue there. Jenelle will either have to do 45 days in a 6'x8' cell or she can go back on probation. She tells her lawyer that she won't stay clean, so she better go to jail. [hence my earlier comment that she's just like Amber from Teen Mom.] Her mother doesn't understand why Jenelle can't stop smoking and thinks she should go back to rehab or to a 12-step program or Narcotics Anonymous. She confirms with her lawyer that she would prefer jail, and he says it would be the 8th through the 23rd... conflicting with Jenelle's plans to see Ke$ha on August 9th. [you know, because that's such a big deal.] She booked hotel rooms and got feathers in her hair so she can see her idol, and though she wasn't willing to stop smoking so she could be with Jace, she is considering trying to get clean for the concert. [blows.my.mind.] It doesn't matter, though, as she gets arrested on the spot when she fails a second drug test (she missed an appt and the probation officer came to her house). She calls her mom for the $1,000 to get out of jail, but no dice.

Leah: Her court hearing is coming up and she wonders if she should have just waited in case Corey was bluffing about divorce. [except she's been in this mindset since she filed, so we're beating a dead horse by showing just this.] Corey bought a new truck but still pays Leah the $250 in child support he owes. She wishes that her family was back together. [another cliche mouthful at this point.]

Chelsea: She focuses on planning Aubree's birthday over studying for the GED tests. She also decides to go to Adam's motocross race (he's the only four-wheeler though) while her dad watches Aubree. But, though her dad was supposed to just take Aubree and leave, he goes inside the house and sees a bunch of Adam's stuff in the garage, so he makes Adam take it all out. [she puts on makeup at home AND in the car?] Because of this, Adam ignores Chelsea's calls, putting a damper on Aubree's birthday party plans. [how is her phone so cracked??!? and why is she ALWAYS dressed like it's 1987?? (seriously, ALWAYS. when her original episode of 16 and Pregnant ran, I ragged on her excessive use of hairspray!] Adam shows up to the party two hours late. Chelsea gets Aubree a ride-in Barbie Jeep for her bouncy-house party, and Adam gets her a bike with training wheels.  

Teen Mom 2 Special "A Closer Look" (Special): This didn't have a whole lot of interesting information, but the girls did address how they named their children. Chelsea chose "Aubree" from a baby book, finding it cute. Jenelle found "Jace" on the internet because she wanted something really unique and she hadn't heard it before. Leah wanted both "A" names, and though Aleeah is named after her, Aliannah is what they came up with to make "Ali" longer. Chelsea chose "Isaac" from Hanson. [whoa.]

Teen Mom 2 "Life Goes On" (S03E04): 
Kailyn: Jo has been ignoring her because he doesn't want to give up Isaac every weekend. The court agrees with Kailyn but Jo is upset and wants to fight it. [who wears earphones when you talk to someone? see below.]
photo by MTV
Leah: Her divorce is final so she decides to look into attending the University of Charleston for a nursing degree, where her math and English classes will be integrated into her nursing classes. [interesting. at FSU we had a "Physics for Theatre" course but I wasn't able to take it.] But, she'll need to take an entrance exam (the ACT, really), which she does right away. [you can have your own phone as a timer during the test??] She misses the minimum for admission but is accepted based on her high GPA from high school. [and, I'd speculate, the fact that she's semi-famous.] She needs to go full-time in order to qualify for a scholarship and financial aid, and will start in two weeks. She gets her hair done and accepts a friend request from a "Jeremy" who knows Corey.  

Jenelle: She finds a bondswoman and has her friend, Tori, sign the bond to spring her. Jenelle only has $200 and will pay $200/month towrd the $1,000 she owes. [are they in a taxi-van?] She texts her mom to let her know she's out of jail, then goes to the Ke$sha concert that night, not getting in touch with her lawyer until the next day. The 14 days in jail went away so now Jenelle faces 45 days.  

Chelsea: Adam has been ignoring her. A friend invites her to a Dierks Bentley concert, and she gets her dad to drive everyone in his RV. [why? it's only two hours away.] Chelsea is supposed to be studying for her practice GED, but they all just have fun instead. Luckily, she passes the tests. [so I assume she'll have her GED by the end of the season.]

Teen Mom 2 Special "A Closer Look" (Special): [are these going to be a new thing?] Again, nothing groundbreaking, but a few points of note... Chelsea is grateful that her parents will help her financially as she needs it, and hopes that she and Aubree will be super-close as she grows up. The others are unprepared to answer a question regarding what they'd do if their future teens announce pregnancies. [how sick was Jenelle feeling that they couldn't just wait for her to return to keep shooting??]
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