Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Needing Money & Spending It

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I have come to realize that the opening segments on this show are just plain weird. Sometimes I like an unrelated gag or two on a comedy, but these are generally ridiculous and don't even always work. Dividing up the stuff in Lost & Found could have been interesting, but a scrunchy, a toupee, a pregnancy test, and a wallet just didn't make for any truly hilarious moments. And Caroline not knowing what to do when a customer is choking seemed out-of-character. Luckily, Max saved the day with the abdominal thrust, but I was disappointed in Caroline just freaking out. Although I will admit that, when Caroline asks what to do when a woman is choking, Oleg's response being "I just back up a few inches" had me simultaneously busting out laughing and saying "oh my God!" How do you think that the opening scenes fit with the series?

2 Broke Girls "And the Egg Special" (S02E08): Caroline looks through the newest Martha Stewart Living and sees a blurb for Max's Homemade Cupcakes! [Sophie's cleaning service's mention being in the same issue was a bit werid.] This sends Caroline into wanting to put up a storefront, so the girls go to a Women's Small Business place to try and get some capital. [Caroline wanting a hug and Max just standing there was humorous.] But, Caroline is late and Max has to do the talking, not making a great impression. Plus, when Caroline does arrive, she starts raving about her sex life. [who does that in any kind of public place? Caroline is supposed to be a classy lady!] In the end, they're denied because their business history is too short.

Time is money because a shooting happened at the Soup Kitchen and Caroline thinks it'd be a great location that they could rent cheaply. So, Max takes to Craigslist for a money-making idea, deciding to become an egg donor. [haha Instagram. and Sophie dropping a basket out her window so the girls can load her up with cupcakes was funny!] Caroline is skeptical so she tries to sell Sophie on investing, but she won't lend money to friends. [selling other people's kidneys? whoa. and besides, Sophie kinda already has invested in the girls...] Max is not accepted to be an egg donor because she has alcoholism in her family and is not a college graduate, but Caroline's Ivy-League education could get her $20,000. But, she can't handle having a great kid that wouldn't be hers, and she freaks out when they go to draw blood, so that idea is kaput. To solve Caroline's whining, Sophie writes them a check for $20,000 when her tab was under $20, not wanting a lot of acknowledgement for her do-gooding. [so many mixed feelings about this... the girls spent over a year already trying to save what little they could, and now they're already moving toward the cupcakery?]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $21,328.00

2 Broke Girls "And the New Boss" (S02E09): Caroline is late for work and Han tries to bust her, but she gets away with it. She's been really busy lately and thinks that it's time they find an intern to get the grunt work done for the cupcakery, but Max is against people working for free. [I loved Earl's comments!] Andy comes by to tell them that they have rats at the shop, and that makes Max decide that they should get an intern. [ha!] They conduct some interviews but the group starts leaving as the word "rats" gets thrown around by Max, Sophie, and Oleg. [what is that top Caroline is wearing?? and has her uniform gotten shorter??] They decide to go with Ruth (seen below), but she takes off the night to go to a concert while Max and Caroline paint.
Monty Brinton/CBS
Late at night, they see a rat, which Caroline whacks to death with a paint roller. [whoa. but how is it 2am when Caroline and Andy are in bed together but it was 3am when they were painting??] Caroline has Ruth bring Max an enema in the middle of the night so Max can learn how to be a boss, but Max still wants to be the one joking about the boss, not being the boss. [confrontation is a difficult skill to learn/master.] When the girls realize that their intern sucks and is blowing them off, they fight about who should fire her, and Max finally takes the lead. [holy cow! there were a lot of rats in that store! and I didn't think those were the best tables and chairs that they could have gotten for $600.]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $7,328.00. (first, last, deposit, and start-up costs were $14,000.)
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