Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HIMYM: The Courtroom and The Pool

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I didn't particularly care for either of the most recent episodes. "Twelve Horny Women" was all over the place and didn't really have anything interesting going on, while "Lobster Crawl" was an odd title mash-up that did two things. First, it actually dealt a tiny bit with the point of the series - Ted getting married and having children, and second, it's bringing us closer to understanding how, exactly, Barney is going to get engaged to Robin. A few funny lines carried the episode, particularly of note was Marshall's bit about not giving candy to kids while he's wearing a swimsuit and not with a child. Your thoughts?

How I Met Your Mother "Twelve Horny Women" (S08E07): An "in the future" episode flashes back to Marshall getting screwed in November 2012. He has a big case, and Ted arranges for everyone to play hooky to watch Marshall showcase an environmental issue. The jury goes for the defender, Brad, immediately because of his sex appeal. [blah.] Brad takes it to a higher level later, adding a broken heart. Marshall tries to combat this by using a duckling to woo the ladies, but Brad comes back with a music video. [I'm not a big fan of popularity contests outside of high school.] Marshall puts Brad on the stand and has him remove his shirt, showing dermatitis from the lake, winning the case. BUT, Marshall's client only receives $25K instead of $25M...  the judge won't destroy a big company over this. [bah!] Brad wants to join Marshall's company, but Marshall decides he wants to be a judge so that he can effect real change. [I can't see Marshall being a successful judge...]

The others all talk about their rebel pasts, though only Lily has any kind of real history in the area. Barney knew the bailiff from a magic club, not from courtrooms, and Robin just lies about her "wild days" as a teen pop star. Plus, Robin and Barney are ignoring the fact that they had an intimate moment. He tries to end the tension by telling Robin that he's done making a fool of himself - he's going to stop trying to get her. [but not really, you guys.]

How I Met Your Mother "Lobster Crawl" (S08E08): [Lobster first, then the Crawl.] Robin gets overly flirty with Barney, and Lily learns that Robin is obsessed with him just because she shut the door on their future. [Barney performing CPR on his tie was disturbing.] It's like how Robin wanted lobster after learning she's terribly allergic - after one more bad reaction, she'll be over it/him forever. [so.very.strange.] Regardless, Barney is too preoccupied with the bro-bib (which would allow guys to wear them when they're eating something other than lobster; see below picture), so he doesn't even pick up on Robin's ploys like playing the damsel in distress at work, the center of attention at the bar, and even a laser tag player. [Barney doesn't eat Thai anyway!] Robin keeps asking for Lily' help, but she suggests Robin mess around with a girl to get Barney's attention. But, Lily hoped Robin would pal around with her, not Brandi the Weathergirl. [I didn't completely follow this.] Barney just hits on Brandi, but winds up kinda dating Patrice after realizing that he's been crying out for help ever since Quinn. [I particularly loved Ted's plaid bib.]
Carin Baer/Fox
Marshall and Lily have taken to bringing Marvin to the bar, pretending it's a restaurant. With Mickey sick, Ted (whose semester has ended) offers to watch Marvin, just in time for the little lad to start crawling. The proud parents are sad that they miss this, but the problems don't stop there. [2032 Vikings? Nobody plays for the NFL when they're 20!] Ted takes Marvin shopping for winter clothes and wants to be there for Marvin's first sleigh ride, going so far as to give Mickey the entire month off. [whaaat?] Ted even signed up to take Marvin to swim classes, and the picture he took of Marvin's first swim sent Marshall and Lily running to confront Ted about needing a new project of his own. A flash-forward illustrates that Lily and Marshall get back at Ted by taking his daughter to meet Santa for the first time a few years later. [ha!]
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