Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 Broke Girls: A Cupcake for Martha Stewart

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This whole double-episode finale was a bit of a let-down. I think my biggest complaint is that Martha Stewart doesn't even appear in the first episode, yet the name of the installment leads you to believe that Max and Caroline will meet her before the last five minutes of the second episode. The return of Chestnut was a bit forced, and the girls riding him to the gala because Oleg's "new" towncar breaks down just all fit together too well. The episode still had a lot of great scenes - like Earl rushing to give the girls wrist corsages (which I don't see them wearing later, but whatever) and the girls pushing a large food service locker through the ballroom to the bathroom. The jokes were a mixed bag overall (though I adored Han's running joke about Caroline only talking about the cupcake business!), though other critics seemed to enjoy the humor more in this episode than in others. I also felt that the inclusion of Caroline's father's status was contrived, and the reappearance of Johnny really just gave the season a bookend-like finish. I don't feel either were necessary, as this show has already been renewed. Thoughts?

2 Broke Girls "And Martha Stewart Have a Ball: Part One" (S01E23): Max serves a steampunk guy, making fun of him, of course. [haha, Earl: "just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there's not swing in the sleigh." and, haha at Oleg texting Sophie on Caroline's phone about Max giving birth over the toilet!] Oleg bought a towncar and runs a new business, so Sophie starts getting interested again. The girls have the group taste-test a few of their new flavors - Saltine Spice, Very Very Vanilla, Beer-Batter Maple-Bacon Spring Break - so they can choose which to bring to an important meeting with a party planner the next day. [one of the funniest lines of the night was Max's, "hold that thought - we're rich and still living together?"] The girls never get past the waiting room (which holds a framed piece of Johnny's street art), because Caroline's dad being in the paper (he's getting transferred to a posh prison) stops everyone from wanting to do business with a Channing. [loved Max's dress! that sucks though... Caroline can't catch a break because of her name. :(]

Caroline's father tells her not to come before he's transferred because the media will hound her. At least she got a big bag of her mail, though! Most of it is hate-mail, but there is an invitation to a big fashion ball in there that Max has catered before. [$922?? the last episode left us at $675...] Caroline doesn't plan to go and just gets depressed over her life. Max brings Chestnut to cheer up Caroline, even though it means Max will have to babysit a day a week forever. [awww... friendship! And, I'm glad that we're going to keep Peach around after all.]

At the diner, Johnny shows up to let them know that he's moving to Manhattan and getting married, to a girl he just recently met. They sell him a cupcake, acting like they're a big success now, too, and that they're working with Martha Stewart (who will be at the gala). Caroline decides that they should try to meet Martha, but they don't have the money to buy dresses for the event. They hope Sophie can help them out.

2 Broke Girls
"And Martha Stewart Have a Ball: Part One" (S01E24): Caroline suggests they go to a consignment store, but Sophie takes them to a fancy place, as she'd prefer to help the girls over "babies with crooked smiles." [haha!] They try on a bunch of couture items before making final selections and preparing for the event. [I wasn't a fan of either of the dresses they actually went with! neither did my husband or visiting mother-in-law, for that matter.] Oleg plans to drive Max and Caroline to the party, but the car breaks down after one block. [after what happened earlier when Caroline's phone left her site, why did she pass it off?] Caroline has a cupcake-shaped purse where she carries one beer-batter cupcake to bring to Martha, which it in danger now that they have to take Chestnut to the party. [another great line? "hipsters are starting to look at us like we're trying too hard."]

The girls drop off the horse with some officers a few blocks from the party. [Max is way more attractive with her hair up, I think.] Even though they RSVP'd appropriately, they've been kept off the list because the party planner won't allow "Channing" to get anywhere. Max takes Caroline to the service entrance and they change into uniforms and put their gowns into a large food service locker which they push through the event and into the restroom, where they quickly make friends with the attendant. [loved the shoe horn and the "two of these in one dress" jokes!] They run into Johnny, who makes peace with Max. [useless scene.] The cupcake has gotten a little smushed, and Caroline makes a bad initial impression by bad-mouthing Martha Stewart only feet from the legend. But, Caroline makes the pitch anyway, Martha likes the cupcake, and takes a card. 

Cupcakery Savings Total: $927.00
[what about Sophie's $20 donation?]
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2012
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