Tuesday, May 8, 2012

House: That's It for Chase!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Let's start with the fact that Wilson not being able to drive a stick was ridiculous.And, that crashing the car into a fence and taking off on foot to complete the journey was absurd. While any dying man wants to knock off a few things from his bucket list while he still can, I don't think that Wilson went overboard... I think they just threw in a couple of quirks that didn't fit as well as the others. On the bright side, I completely believed that he had shaved his head at first - that bald cap wasn't noticeable to me until much later. The team trying to get along with House wasn't as novel, as they JUST DID THAT. Chase deciding that it's time to pull the plug on his dead-end job and start something fresh was nice, even if they had to show the big push he was given by someone who wanted that fellowship nine years earlier. This more-or-less ends the possibility of him getting together with Park, and with just a couple of episodes to go, you have to wonder what the writers will do with the rest of the doctors... I can't imagine a large change for Foreman, but it's not too late for Adams to make a big change or for Park to make a life-altering decision... at least, I think so.

And, for those of you who like polls, we have one going on our facebook page regarding whether you think Wilson will live or die. Go vote!

House "Post Mortem" (S08E20): After a medical examiner performs an autopsy, he takes a scalpel to his own hairline. House thinks the guy thought he was a corpse - a mental issue. Taub and Park find a bunch of empty energy drink cans when they search the patient's lab. The patient, by the way, only wants to be cared for by House, so when the doctor is unavailable, Chase just lies to him. [he definitely learned one thing from House, that's for sure!] The patient requests Chase as his surgeon and shares that he's bitter that Chase's father made a call and got him the diagnostics fellowship way back when - he had relocated and worked very hard to get that spot and failed. He proceeds to make Chase feel guilty for not going on to better things after such a coveted fellowship. [I guess that's a good point? I never really got that from the show before, though.] After twenty-four hours, Adams doesn't think that they should keep lying to the patient about House being in charge of his care, but Chase keeps going until a misdiagnosis causes more health problems. That's when Foreman has to take over, giving Chase the task of finding the brain of the patient's last body to biopsy. [a brain closet. holy jeez. I had to pause and take a break.] Foreman is worried about Chase, who has a breakthrough while washing his hands. Foreman even offers Chase his own team, but Chase says it's time for him to step out of the shadow. [awww. sad.]

Why was House unavailable after a while, you ask? Well, Wilson pretty much demands he accompany him on a roadtrip in his new Corvette. [parking in a handicapped space? Wilson!] While away, Wilson orders an 80-ounce steak and eats it in an hour. He begins going by "Kyle" because that's a name that has a fun lifestyle. Wilson wants a threesome, so House has him put on a bald cap to pull the cancer card. [niiiice.] However, one of the women steals Wilson's wallet, so they don't have enough money to get home. [I loved the twist that House couldn't use his credit card out-of-state because of his parole!] They continue on, however, as Wilson wants to go see Julie, his high school crush. A funeral procession pauses their trip, but Wilson decides to cut it off, driving on the left side of the road, and they wind up out of control and crash into a fence. From there, they head out on foot. [Wilson is going to make House hike that far with his bum leg??] They're in Ohio and wait at a bus stop (seriously. check the pic.) for half an hour before House hails a cab, but Wilson won't leave a woman with Alzheimer's at the bus stop. [they're going to a clinic, leave her there! seriously though... why give up now??] They take a bus (thanks to selling Wilson's watch) back home, and Wilson says that he was in love with Melanie, not Julie. A guy named Kyle, with a car, took Melanie to the prom, and Wilson just let her go. [that sucks. but we could have seen that coming - Wilson just plays the nice guy too well.] 
Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX
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