Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Alan's Special Treatment

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What was with all of Walden's stupid family stories? I am SO HAPPY that there is only one more episode this season, as I'm dropping this show like a hot potato! Even the most unrealistic parts of this episode - like Berta not calling Alan "Zippy" and Evelyn taking Alan to his doctor's appointment - failed to get a laugh from me. Walden dropping everything to make things easier on Alan got annoying a week or two ago, so the fact that he put in a chair to help the disabled maneuver the staircase was just too much to bear. And Judith and Lyndsey were being so nice that I was completely expecting to find out that Alan was dreaming again... nope. We can't be that lucky. Somehow, we're expected to believe that Judith would stop requiring child support payments from Alan AND offer him her condo in Palm Springs?? I don't think so. I'll bite that Evelyn bought Alan a cowboy outfit. I'd even believe that she'd cave and get him a horse. But most of the other characters' reactions to Alan? No way, Jose.
Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.
Two and a Half Men "The Straw in my Donut Hole" (S09E23): Alan comes home from the hospital and immediately faints when he sees his family there to surprise him. Walden has gotten him a new bed and plasma television, complete with the sports package - so, of course, Alan also asks for the movie and adult channels. [I can't believe how bratty that guy is sometimes!] Lyndsey comes over and pleasures Alan while he eats warm peach cobbler from Berta. [gross.] At Alan's checkup, he's given a clean bill of health, but he doesn't want to stop receiving the royal treatment from everyone, as even Evelyn has bought him a cowboy outfit. Zoey doesn't believe Alan is ill, so has a private investigator follow him for a few days. Meanwhile, Alan uses Walden's whirlpool and takes advantage of a masseuse offer. Then, Zoey has everyone over to confront Alan, showing him a recording of him playing volleyball. [no sand stuck to any of them? really? what sort of fake Hollywood sand is this?] Alan fakes another heart attack, but it doesn't work and he's left on the floor as everyone goes about their business.[please join me in just sitting here, shaking your head.]
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