Monday, May 7, 2012

Simpsons: Charming Homer, Conniving Bart

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Bleh. I couldn't wait for this episode to end! Aside from a couple of two-second gags, I thought that this episode was utter garbage. Now, a part of that is probably because I'm not really into James Bond, but Super Size Me was eight years ago - how many people really enjoyed a storyline that pulled from some random documentary about the health dangers of fast food? Maybe I should just stop watching The Simpsons... I didn't miss it from ~1996-2008, so it shouldn't be that difficult to walk away from yet again... The best moments from this episode were in the opening - Groundskeeper Willie using a leafblower to act like IronMan and a crowd holding up cards stadium-style to depict the family.

The Simpsons "The Spy Who Learned Me" (S23E20): Homer and Marge go to a James Bond-type flick where the hero is Stradivarius Cain. The next day at work, Homer suffers from a concussion, earning him eight weeks of paid vacation. [I didn't even get to miss a day of school when it was suspected that I got a concussion! though, in reality, I don't think I ended up with one in the end.] He keeps it a secret from his family because they all are complaining about problems of their own. [not telling them that day is one thing... but not telling them at all??] At Moe's, Homer is told to clean up his act by Stradivarius Cain, so homer works on becoming charming, even hitting on a woman at a classy bar. Well, as time goes on, Marge finds out from Lenny that Homer has been on leave, but with his suave helper, Homer pulls it off and sweeps her off her feet. [cliche!] However, Homer struggles when the woman he flirted with previously is there... with her husband. Stradivarius Cain decides to make up a story, and by the end we're back to status quo. 
To draw out a storyline for eight weeks with the kids, Bart gets an idea to fatten up Nelson so that he's not a tough bully anymore. [ewww about the monkey in the filmstrip!] Oh, and Springfield Elementary now has metal detectors. [haha on "VanHouten Blue" !!] Bart gives Nelson coupons for free Krusty Burgers and the kid blows up. [stupid plastic bag! I never like that gag. I didn't even like it in its original form. but the Wii-cigar was funny.] Krusty gets Nelson a personal trainer, which only makes him a stronger bully, but I don't anticipate seeing him that buff in the future.
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