Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ben and Kate: Will Isn't Working Out but Tommy Has a New Crush!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Sometimes, it really annoys me when the A-story and the B-story don't interest me but a random side scene does. Other times, like today, that C-story are the most intriguing and endearing part of the episode. Sure, Kate and Will's relationship on the rocks is a big deal. Yes, Ben starting out building a loft bed and winding up in the hospital after a run-in with some bats is more interesting than the typical Ben-Fox-storyline. BUT, I found that Tommy potentially being interested in a woman other than Kate to be the bigger deal. Forget that BJ (whose big moment this episode was trying to teach Maddie how to handle servants, by the way) tried to set-up Tommy with just about anyone to help him get over his best friend's sister, Tommy falling for a dog-owner could open up a new chapter for this show.
Cr: Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Ben and Kate "The Trip" (S01E09): Ben wants to build Maddie a loft so he teaches her to use a saw. [holy cow!] Kate goes to window-shop some beds and winds up breaking a $700 lamp. [if the lamps cost that much, what was she even doing in that store??] Fortunately, Will was with has and uses some "family money" to cover the expense... plus, he buys the bed set for Maddie. [I thought that was going too far.] Ben really gets suspicious after he learns that Will came into an inheritance, having spent one week around the wealthy and all. Will thinks that Kate could use a night away, so they plan to go camping, but Maddie and Ben decide to tag along, as Will knows they're just spy on them regardless. Will and Kate stay in a cabin while Ben and Maddie sleep in a tent in the yard, where Ben panics over the "bear bag" and winds up running around with bats. [haha!] They wind up having to head home early, after a trip to the ER for a rabies vaccine. Will suggests that Kate have less crazy in her life, but she says she likes it that way, leading to a fight. [eh. I wasn't his biggest fan.]
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