Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding Farm: Chickens, Crashers, Rain...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm not really sold on this show. I love the Roloffs and seeing what they're doing these days, but watching them host weddings on their property isn't that exciting. The formula for the past couple of episodes has basically been the same - a couple books with Roloff Farms, Matt & Co. try to spruce up the grounds to fit the bill, the big day comes and there's some issue, everything works out in the end. If the next episode is exactly the same, I'll probably stop covering it here, though I'll still watch for the family updates. What do you think about this show? Does it have a future? Is it seriously procedural or am I making it out to be harsher than it is?

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm "Big Wedding, Big Problems" (S01E04): Matt wants to draw a big wedding from Craigslist so they can get a bigger profit, figuring they can handle 250 guests. [that's pretty large! I was surprised that Amy thought they could handle 300!] Couple Mike and Bri want a rustic/romantic outdoor wedding and specifically want a barn setting, a field, and a chandelier. They invite 350 people, which is more than the barn will hold, prompting both Matt and Amy to suggest having tents to accommodate the party, but the couple declines. [I don't understand why... Oregon isn't the sunniest state. was it a budget concern??] Their event will be in nine weeks, just after Amy's charity foundation's fourth annual fundraiser at the farm. [[are Matt and Amy considering accepting bookings for NEXT summer? or are they worried this won't work out and they'll be doing something different by then? also, sixty volunteers is a lot!] Mike wants to build a trellis so he goes through Matt's wood collection, asking for some "rare" pieces. [I'm no carpenter so I was lost as to what "rare wood" would be!] Matt would have used those beams differently, but Matt likes his finished product. [I guess that's good. did they take it with them or is it part of the farm's "props" now?]

Amy's event goes well, except that she has to shut down the band early when neighbors complain about the noise. The day of the wedding, however, a lot manages to go wrong. First, the girls lost power in the bridal suite and find several roosters in a closet while looking for the circuit breaker. Fortunately, the girls are willing to help Matt catch the chickens. [um. if this happened at the condo where my bridesmaids and I stayed the night before my wedding, I can guarantee you we would not have been so cooperative!]
Then, there are issues with the water pump. So, while Zach and Tori help the caterers, Matt figures out what's going on with the plumbing. Then, thanks to a different wedding in the same area, they have crashers at the wrong event. [holy cow! how does this happen?? They didn't put up signs that said "Smith-Jones Wedding"??] PLUS, thunder starts rolling and it ends up raining throughout the ceremony. Of course, this causes a mad dash for the barn, quickly violating fire code. The event planner won't kick people out of there, so Amy announces that they need to leave. Furthermore, Matt and Amy then need to patrol the grounds because people were wandering all over the place. [this has got to be the worst event yet for the Roloffs! Who would have thought that the guests would just find it okay to go gallivanting around the venue's property??]
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