Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: Joy & Elka at School, Melanie & Victoria at Work

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When some shows return to the air after a hiatus, it takes a while for me to get used to watching them again, especially if it's been a few months. With Hot in Cleveland, however, I was right in there, watching the girls like we were halfway through the season. I was caught off-guard, however, by the opening sky... does it change often? Or just this time for the ever-present thunder (which, by the way, got annoying all on its own)? Regardless, I thought this was a pretty good episode. Victoria's storyline was ridiculous to the point of funny, and the Woody Allen imitations were hilarious and only got better as they continued. Perhaps Melanie should have been hung up on her boss a little longer before learning the truth of his affections, but it still worked out pretty well, and I think that her work situation will continue to bring laughs. Finally, between Joy's determination to finish college and Elka's suspicious wads of cash and unexplained interested in economics, I think that we're in for a treat with their arc... especially because their love/hate chemistry so so divine!

Hot in Cleveland "A Midwinter Night's Sex Comedy" (S04E02): [let's start with the plotline addressed by the episode title...] Melanie dresses sexually to lure her boss, but she intends not to actually flirt with him. [Baby Wilbur being around to give the girls a little more integrity is already amusing.] Chloe admits that she had an affair to land an account, and that's what tanked her marriage. [sucks.] Chloe tells Melanie to stalk Alec and find out who he's interested in, and Melanie isn't thrilled to find out that he's interested in a younger version of herself. [more fun facts about Chloe, by the way: she's afraid of thunder, the color blue, and the word orange.]

Joy feels bad that she never finished college but will expect her grandson to do so, so she plans to return. But, she's not thrilled that she's the oldest one around campus... until Elka is in her economics class! [what's with the wads of bills in the woman's purse?]
Victoria needs to gain weight for her part in the Woody Allen film, and the others agree to gain one pound each with her in solidarity. But, Victoria struggles to actually put junk food in her mouth as she was overweight as a ten-year-old and kept a pair of jeans to remind her to stay "Sticktoria," not "Thicktoria." [hahahahaha!] Melanie says that she should talk to the director about it, but when she tries to, she accidentally speaks to an assistant director instead, and sleeps with him to seal things. Luckily, the guy still fixes her problem.
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