Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emily Owens: Birthdays for Emily & Cassandra

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I've known a few "birthday people" throughout my life. I've even been one a few times, though not consistently. Therefore, I found the non-medical parts of this episode pretty good, especially the surprise cello recital! Also, I hadn't noticed that Mamie Gummer has her mother's smile until now, so that's a nice surprise. Emily Owens will be on break until January 1st, when it will run out the remaining six episodes before the series is soon forgotten. I mean, are you really going to remember patients like a prisoner with a bad heart or a deliveryman with a lung tumor?

More importantly to nitpickers like me, it's contrived enough that enemies would share a birthday, but I especially love that they were both overachievers who either started school when they were four years old or skipped a grade to be turning 13 in the eighth grade (instead of in the seventh grade). Making Cassandra someone who broadcasts her birthday while Emily has expended so much effort keeping hers a secret that Will hasn't figured it out in four years (and it must not be online because Facebook AND Twitter are commonly used by the characters on this show) was an nice twist. Cassandra being the one to point out it's Emily's special day, too, was one of my favorite parts, really. What did you think?

Emily Owens, M.D. "Emily and... The Good and the Bad" (S01E07): [let's get to the drama first, then the medicine.] The Chief pages Emily, thinking that she's dating Tyra. Emily corrects him but he still asks her to try to get Tyra to talk to him again. The Chief is worried that Tyra will tell her mother that he had an affair, and Emily suggests that he write her a letter. Tyra is hesitant to read it, but after she does, she goes to talk to her father, and they agree to keep it from her mother. [which is only going to last so long, you know.] Micah's mother asks Emily about medical marijuana, which Emily supports. Micah, however, is not a big fan and isn't sure about it. Micah's girlfriend asks him if he likes Emily, and he doesn't really answer, though it seems that he's just intimidated by Will.

Will wants to celebrate with Emily, going so far as to plan a party at her place so she can't get out of it. [strange to just ditch whatever you might have been doing with your girlfriend, no?] Emily tries to stop the event, but Will tweets it out and people from all departments show up at her place. In trying to have some peace in her own apartment, Emily sits in her room a minute before Will finds her... and convinces her to play a cello solo for the group! [she must not have played that long, it's clearly a first cello - there are finger markings that only beginners have. plus, I'm shocked she went through with it.]
Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW
There's a prisoner in the hospital so the interns are all told not to give away personal information (even their names) or ask about his non-medical history. [sensible.] Will, however, asks the guard about the guy's crimes, and once he learns that the man raped four women and asphyxiated the last one, has trouble being objective. Not only will he not allow Emily to treat the patient alone, but he also tells Mendari not to prioritize the man during surgery to replace a heart valve. [I was surprised that Will would say such a subjective thing about a patient and who "deserves" the skilled surgeon more.] Emily also struggles to be objective (she heard Will ask about the prisoner), and when she gives him a weird look, he talks about how he was framed. Emily later gets freaks out by him when he learns her name and birthday from a florist's gift. [I totally saw that coming.]

A florist deliveryman faints in the hospital, and it seems that he doesn't have insurance and doesn't really want tests. [I guess he has been delivering there for years, based on how concerned everyone is!] Even after his lung collapses, he still wants to leave the hospital for monetary reasons. He consents to a chest X-ray, which reveals a tumor. He doesn't want to have it removed at the hospital, so Emily tries to seek out some pro bono money. The Chief agrees to it, but Emily has to do all of the paperwork. [even HE is aware of this particular guy!] Unfortunately, records show that the patient stole a friend's identity to avoid being deported to Guatemala. Emily decides to wait until after the surgery to report the crime, and when Emily tells Mendari, she throws away the file, saying that "there is protocol, and then there are judgment calls... doctors are not policemen." [blah blah compassion.]
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