Friday, December 7, 2012

Big Bang: Amy is Sick and Howard Learns to Fish

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Yay! I loved how Sheldon's favorite theme songs, in order, were those for Inspector Gadget, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Spider-Man. What was better? That Sheldon has been watching these shows for years but just now brings up the fact that the idea that "Spider-Man 'does whatever a spider can'" doesn't make a lot of sense. I often struggle to realize the meanings to the words in songs. It's quite terrible, honestly. But, my pop culture issues are not completely in synch with the guys... I also can't stand "Sandy B," as Raj refers to Ms. Bullock, I liked Daredevil, and I don't necessarily believe that one bad movie can ruin a franchise, so we're not 100% simpatico. Luckily, I'm no Penny, either, as I have never put a worm on a hook or gutted a fish... those are the parts of fishing that men do. I just have to hold the rod and reel it in when there's a tug. And that's all I want to do, so I take no issue with Howard's preferences. Are you a fisherperson?

The Big Bang Theory "The Fish Guts Displacement" (S06E10): One of Amy's colleagues has passed away, but when Sheldon goes to pick up Amy for the funeral, she's too sick to go. [haha that he makes his knock and "Amy" somber.] Amy states that the "relationship agreement" has a clause for them taking care of one another when they're sick, but Sheldon says he put that in there for a one-way deal. [of course.] Still, he decides that a written commitment must be honored, though he's already trying to give her a tic-tac for the placebo effect after just half an hour. He then reads her Genetics textbook as a fairy tale. [what?? no "Soft Kitty" ??] After a while, though, Amy decides she likes Sheldon caring for her, rubbing vapo-rub on her chest and bathing her. So, she fakes sick for a few more days, causing her to lie to Sheldon and be judged by Bernadette, who brings over drugs with terrible side effects. Plus, Sheldon is worried she's not healing, so he swabs her cheek while she's asleep and grows the culture, discovering that she's lying. He thinks she should be punished so she doesn't do it again, and when he decides she needs a spanking, she's yet again excited. [hahahahaha! awkward as crazy, but hilarious.]
Howard has an awkward dinner with Bernadette and her parents, and he's afraid of future problems when Bernadette suggests the men go fishing. Both try to get out of it, but their wives force it upon them. To prepare, Raj suggests Howard practice fishing, so he asks Penny about "manly stuff." [did anyone NOT see that coming??] First, she shows Howard, Raj, and Leonard how to hook worms, then gut a fish. Howard struggles to harm a living creature, so he's even more intimidated when Bernadette's father wants to go hunting as well. [yeah, I also would have freaked. such a big change would throw me a LOT.] Howard admits he's uncomfortable and they bond over the fact that their wives make them do things. [funny.] They then head off to a casino to play craps for the weekend instead. [I did like Howard's dice joke.]
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