Friday, February 15, 2013

Hot in Cleveland: Melanie and Victoria Moving On?

Let's all pause for a moment to laugh at the idea of Joy being a detective. Now, let's all be shocked that Flat Stanley is still kickin'! I must admit that I had nearly forgotten all about that project, and if you've never read about it, go take a peek. He played a minor role in the mid-season finale, but it was still surprising for Elka to whip one out for a few photos. Moving on, I'm a little sad that this series is already off again, but when it returns in June it'll start off with a LIVE episode (Eastern Time), so that's something about which to be excited! Victoria heading to Morocco and Melanie moving in with Alec? ...notsomuch. or do you disagree?

Hot in Cleveland "Fast and Furious" (S04E11): The girls head to old cabin for a weekend cleanse. A yogi encourages them to be honest, and Joy admits that she wants to be a detective, hence her major in criminology. Then, Victoria and Joy admit that Melanie's husband hit on them years ago. Melanie follows this with her fear that Alec will break her heart. Mamie says that Elka bosses her around too much and that she doesn't want to be part of "the business" anymore...  for about ten minutes. [I love that nobody can successfully defy Elka!]
Joy thinks she sees someone being strangled, and calls for the ranger using Elka's phone, as everyone else had surrendered theirs upon arrival. [haha "never leave home without a burner."] When it turns out to be nothing, the group believes that Joy and Melanie are hallucinating from not eating. [Melanie seeing Alec was overdone and boring.] But, Joy isn't convinces and goes to investigate... only to find the yogi has a blow-up doll. Long story short, the girls have pizza to celebrate a job well done.

Hot in Cleveland "What Now, my Love?" (S04E12): Melanie agrees to go golfing with Alec even though she loathes the sport. They "get busy" on the green, and when Melanie goes to get a comb from his golf bag, she finds her toothbrush... he thought she'd like it to be returned rather than sit at his place. [don't get excited... her whole storyline this episode is as dull as this problem...] She decides to leave it again to see what happens, and leaves her lipstick, too. They go golfing again and this time he gives her a toiletry kit so she can store things on-the-go. [AWKWARD.] After he says that he likes things the way they are, she thinks that they need a break. He immediately misses her, however, and decides to set-up his bathroom as a lady's cosmetic paradise, so she can LIVE with him. [remember, this is episode 12 of season 4. they only started dating in episode 6!]

Victoria's film wraps up and she's worried that she has no future with Emmett. [I found it funny that she interpreted his prediction for their characters as a prediction for themselves.] Not only does he say their relationship will last, but he also invites her to Morocco, where he'll be shooting for three months as a James Bond villain.

Joy has an interview for an internship where the interviewer hits on her. He asks her to investigate an elderly woman who has been doing business with his father... and she quickly announces it's Elka. The guy wants to set up security cameras around her house, and Joy ignores the "can't discuss the case with others" rule immediately to include Melanie and Victoria. [this received McKayla Maroney's "not impressed" face from me!] The ladies want to keep Elka out of trouble, but it looks like a lot of elderly people come up to Elka at night to get something that the woman keeps in the household oven. [or, old-fashioned microwave. you know.]
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