Saturday, February 23, 2013

1600 Penn: Dale's Brother Visits, Skip Acts as Wonka

Yes, Marshall and Becca WERE previously a couple! I am a bit shocked at that, and it only makes this show ten times worse. One more episode and I'm out if it doesn't turn around. I mean, Dale is pretty boring, even with his rambunctious brother around. Xander and Marigold don't get enough screen time to count. Emily is genuinely amusing, but she mostly just runs around trying to cover up her own mistakes. Becca's sliding downward, Skip is just a joke, and I've now lost all respect for Marshall. It's going to be rough, but the next episode is supposed to have the First Family visiting the ranch, so perhaps there is hope yet. Oh, and if you were wondering whether the White House really has wi-fi, I was unable to find a comprehensive answer, but I can confirm that they did NOT less than a year ago
Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC
1600 Penn "Skip the Tour" (S01E06): Skip interrupts a White House tour to take a picture with a guest. He actually decides to take part of the group with him on his own tour, hoping to make the experience more interesting. But, he doesn't really know his history, allows the guests to touch anything in the building, and his Willy Wonka attitude just isn't well-received. He does manage, however, to allow the visitors to eavesdrop on private conversations in the President's bedroom. [can you imagine??]

Dale's brother visits, telling old stories and entertaining the kids while driving Dale and Emily crazy. It's not long before sibling rivalry rears its ugly head and things turn physical. The bottom line, however, is that Dale has been living a lie for forty years - his brother wrestled another guy because Dale faked illness. [big deal.]

When practicing for a press interview where she'll have to carry DB, Becca winds up getting jealous of Marshall's new girlfriend, Vanessa. She even sends the girl a rude text from his phone, blaming it on pregnancy hormones. [holy cow!!!] Well, that must be it, as she ends up breaking down and crying on the television interview... as does DB! [how is this supposed to be funny?]
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