Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last Man Standing: A Tough Day to be Mike

Mike really had a tough time this episode. And I actually support him 100%. Ed disappointed him with his ignorance to the changing of the times and how politically incorrect it is to make fun of Native Americans. Ryan angered Mike because he now wants his rights to see Boyd in writing. Eve upsets Mike when, once again, she has decided not to participate in something that she has been for years. And then there's Mandy and Kristin, both shocking their father over their choice in men: Mike sees Mandy kiss Kyle only moments after witnessing Kristin kiss Ryan. Though I don't think Mandy and Kyle will last, and it'll mostly just be "too people without any smarts dating" humor, I was floored that Kristin is reconsidering Ryan! What do you make of these couplings?

Last Man Standing "Buffalo Bill Day" (S02E14): Mandy, Boyd, and Eve help Mike with staging an in-store show for Buffalo Bill Day. [is that a Colorado thing?] Mike protests at the inclusion of "historical" words, like "injun" and "redskin," but Ed wants it to be just like the old television show. [of course he does.] But, Ryan is supposed to have Boyd that day and decides that he no longer wants Mike taking Boyd on adventures when it's "Ryan's Day," later deciding that he wants his time with Boyd to be set in stone.

Eve decides that she no longer wants to be part of the annual Buffalo Bill show, so Mandy takes over as Annie Oakley, only to beg Eve to return. Turns out, Eve's issue was with Mandy sneaking around with Kyle without telling Kristin, who dated Kyle a year ago. Well, the sisters tell Kristin, who just warns Mandy not to hurt the boy. Don't worry, though... she kisses him and they become officially a couple. [not gonna lie, I smiled when they kissed. 
Back over to Ryan, Mike is upset that Ryan feels he gets rights to see Boyd after walking out on the infant years ago. Kristin, on the other hand, is fine with it, signs the papers, and wants Ryan to be a bigger part of her life, too. [When Kristin kissed Ryan, I just froze and uttered, "oh no!"]

And, back to Buffalo Bill, Mike edits the script to be more politically correct, but so does Ryan, resulting in Boyd having some unplanned lines. [Ryan is such a jerk! why mess with the little skit??]

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