Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Folllowing - Mad Love

"Mad Love" S01E04

This was probably in the top two episodes of the show so far. The title refers to both Ryan and Claire's relationship and the bizarre trio thing now happening in the kidnapper house. Maggie Kester becomes the brilliant antagonist we signed up to see opposite Ryan, although short-lived. Background on Ryan's family, his relationship with Claire, and the decisions that led up to the current state of him and Claire before Joe's escape was great to finally get out in the open. This should let Claire and Ryan's relationship change in the near future. The kidnapping trio are taking things too far, however, and there's simply no way that situation holds.  A relationship between two people can be plenty dramatic, let alone one with three mentally unstable, cult murderers...

Getting a bit crowed, so the bubbles belonging to past members of The Following will be minimized.

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