Monday, February 25, 2013

The Morning after The Oscars

I'm not a huge movies person. I'm not a big awards person, either. In fact, aside from an article last month about how many Golden Globes winners were cable shows, I haven't covered an awards show since the 2011 Emmys, about which I wrote entirely too much (TEN posts in all!), and only covered the Academy Awards (now The Oscars) in 2009 and 2010.

Well, I'm probably about to blow your mind.

I'm not actually going to write about The Oscars. I'm going to focus on last fall's Emmys.

But, not really. Just Hayden Panettiere. And not about the show with which she attended the 2012 Emmys (Nashville), but about her wardrobe choice for the event. I loved it. And I hated it. And I loved it again. In fact, I have been staring at the same three photos from on and off for the past five months. Let me jog your memory...
This is the posed look. There's a lot of texture, and the gold really seems to work with that blue-violet color. (and they especially look good here, with "EMMY" written in blue and the golden statuette on the backdrop.) The overlay "moving" in both directions also gives the dress a very fluid look, stopping your eyes from concentrating too hard in any one area. But it doesn't look like that all the time. Observe:
From the back, it's a mess. The tulle almost seems to tangle, the multiple pieces dragging on the ground seems messy, and there's some strange bunching around her rear. I do like the intricate look of the gold on her back and shoulder, and the contouring of the gown does seem to fit her body well. But, bottom line, it's a mess from the back. From the side, however...
It's gorgeous again. I'm immediately drawn to the two-layer effect, the tulle wrapping all around her seems sexy, and the single draped piece hanging from her shoulder is unique. You can see the delicate edging of the gold and how carefully the outer shell has been laid. Though the curves in the back do start to show the creep toward the bustle-y center-back, it just looks quite exquisite, especially when paired with a dainty gold bracelet and well-balanced drop earrings. But can all of that overcome the look from the back? This is exactly the reason why dressing rooms need multiple mirrors!

What did you make of this outfit? Did I miss any awesome red carpet looks from last night's Oscars? If so, let me know who I should go check out online!
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