Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top 8 Character Closets I'd Raid!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I honestly couldn't come up with ten. Not sure if this is because I just don't like what people on television wear, or if I just can't think today. Or it could be that I don't watch what's considered to be "highly fashionable" like Housewives, Sex and the City, and other pieces of crap.

8. Barney Stinson. Yep, a boy. But I love his clothes, and I'd steal them for my husband. ;)

7. DJ Tanner. For the teenager in me, I loved all the colors she wore in the early years, and the preppy stuff that she had in the later years. And, like all the cool teenagers in the nineties, she had that pair of white sneakers with heels that I still kinda want.

6. Hilary Banks. Shoes, handbag, and hat for every single outfit. Perfect. AND, outfits in EVERY color!

5. Samantha Stevens. Very 1960s classic. Of course, you have to remember that my non-career dream life would be like that of Samantha, so that probably factors in to why I adore her cute dresses and other coordinating outfits.

4. Phoebe Buffay. For the eclectic part of me. I love the weird things she wears. Not the long skirts, but everything else is pretty fair game. Especially the cute tops... often peasanty and usually colorful.

3. Carrie Heffernan. For my business attire. Her purses are great. Her shoes are classy. She owns like five different leather jackets and an assortment of other winter items that most of my other choices lack. And I love her skirt suits in particular.

2. Donna Martin. I loved how her character evolved during the college years (especially her hair!), and her short skirts were supercute. She worked whatever she wore, every time.

1. Rachel Greene. Loved her jeans. Loved her mock turtlenecks. Loved her boots. Loved her dresses (except the red one she wore to Joey's Soapy award thing...). Loved her coats. Even loved her maternity clothes!

whose would you raid?
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