Tuesday, September 24, 2013

RETURNING: HIMYM: Transportation Troubles

The final season of How I Met Your Mother will be difficult to predict because of the short timetable in which all of the episodes will take place. Speculations are high that at least one episode will run in real-time, and other big questions loom over whether eight-hour-blocks of the long weekend will be "eaten" by sleeping characters. I personally suspect that while the others are sleeping, The Mother and Ted will spend the night talking, and that's when viewers will be able to see all of the clues finally put together, as the two reminisce about crossing paths here and there in the past. One big downside to the format for the season will be that character development is shot... nothing can change for anyone in three days. Barney no longer using "legen - wait for it - dary" was sad, even if his reasoning was "I've got you, I don't have to wait for it anymore." Still, cheers all around, as the time has come to start the goodbyes to this sitcom.
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Oh, and because I feel like we might add to it later, I'm starting a list of the Wild Cards: 13 from Barney, not counting "Ring Bear," and their names are: Uncle Vic, Casual Racist; Aunt Shelly, Braless Dance Machine; Uncle Jacques, Brings Own Accordion.

How I Met Your Mother "The Locket" (S09E01): Friday, 11am; 55 hours before the wedding. [this puts the ceremony at 6pm Sunday. interesting choice.] Ted wears driving gloves as he and Lily head to Long Island for the wedding. But, he annoys her too much and she decides to take a train instead. [haha, lonely unicorn.] Lily and The Mother bond  instantly, and from the beginning it seems that The Mother has a lot in common with Ted. [Lady Tedwina Slowsby, ha!] There's a suggested idea that Ted flew to LA to uncover Robin's locket in Stella's storage unit. [why, exactly, was it there?]

Meanwhile, Ranjit drives Barney and Robin to Farhampton, as the two discuss the crazy relatives who will be at the wedding. They realize that they have a common cousin, but it later turns out that he was adopted on Robin's side, so no DNA is shared. [I rather enjoy James' over-the-top performance possibility at the wedding...]

Elsewhere, as Marshall tries to get his mother to delete an online photo that reveals he will be a NYC judge, he winds up being removed from the plane from Minnesota, as he freaks out and his seatmate gets involved. The baby manages to delete it, but the chances of Marshall getting to New York are threatened when there is only one remaining seat on the next flight to New York. [I was disappointed that Marshall couldn't beat her there, even with baby in tow. remember all the "Marshall versus The Machine" references of seasons past?] 

How I Met Your Mother "Coming Back" (S09E02): Friday, 12pm; 54 hours before the wedding. When Marshall might not make it, Lily strikes a deal with a bartender to keep her drinking. [I kinda love this and think it'll work well all weekend/season.] Marshall and his former seatmate wind up without a plane when a storm threatens, so they head to rental car row. [LOVED how the cars were doled out!] He gets luckier than she does and gets a Monstrosity, but there are no babyseats left. [haha to Marshall's environmentalist side.] The woman offers to help him out, and his shucksy-doodles attitude almost gets the better of him, but she does return for the Erickson men, provided that Marshall will pay for gas and she will pick the music. [anyone else thrilled for what THIS part of the season will be like??!?]

Tom and James are splitting up because James repeatedly cheated on him. [boo!] But, Barney doesn't know and Robin is afraid that it will spook him. [haha, Lily and Marshall not counting as a successful couple.] DrunkLily lets it slip, but Barney doesn't freak out. Instead, he feels bad that he did a lot for James and Tom's anniversary, and he has to take it all down. [anyone else think it was weird that the brothers acted as if they had not previously realized that they would share an anniversary?] The decorations get moved to Ted's room. [I actually wasn't a big fan of the "year later" scene where Ted and The Mother are back at the inn, but I understand why it was included.] 
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