Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2 Broke Girls: Caroline's Nanny, Caroline's Morals

The funeral episode was a little off to me. It gave the girls a chance to shine on their own, and a little more insight into Bebe's character, but it was wholly forgettable and probably not one that will be mentioned again. It's no surprise that Caroline had a nanny growing up, but Caroline and Max getting to the pastry school in 37 minutes (a new record) wasn't surprising, either. Caroline going after Max's instructor was obvious, but the fact that it is already nipped in the bud seems odd. It's another episode that isn't memorable, so I hope that this show isn't starting a downward spiral... it has never really been enjoyed by major critics, so the last thing it needs is to alienate the general viewing audience as well!

2 Broke Girls “And the Life After Death” (S03E11): Caroline runs across the obituary for her nanny, Antonia, and wants to attend her funeral. However, it's in Philadelphia, and they need a car to get there. [do they really, though? You could take NJTransit OR Amtrak and get from NYC to Philly in like 90 minutes. SEPTA is great once you're there, too.] Oleg has a vehicle, but they’d have to do a drug-run on the way. [w00t w00t Bucks County!] Bebe agrees to take the girls, though she isn't supposed to drive AND brings along her injured dog. [the girls have to take turns leaning forward so they can both be seen in the backseat while having a conversation!] Nobody at the wake knows of Caroline except Antonia's lover, but one person is enough to console Caroline. [I had never heard of that Italian envelope thing either?]
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Cupcakery Savings Total: $77.00 [down $37.50 from last episode.] 

2 Broke Girls “And the French Kiss” (S03E12): Chef Nicholas has been messaging Caroline, and he asks her to drinks. Before you know it, they're making out in front of Max and Deke (who are now constantly hanging out). [Caroline is pretty easy, huh?] Caroline and Max head out, just in time for Nicholas to take a call from his WIFE! [omg!] Deke tells Max, and Bebe tells Caroline. [spit-taking lettuce?? whose idea was that??] Caroline confronts Nicholas, and he is shocked that she won't pursue something with him if he's married.

Also, a unicyclist comes by the cupcake window and tries to pay for his cupcake with a poem.

Cupcakery Savings Total: $220.00 [up $143 from last episode.]
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