Tuesday, January 14, 2014

RETURNING: Switched at Birth: New Friends

I knew I missed this show, but I didn't realize how much until it came back! There are so many storylines being exposed that I am beyond thrilled to see what this season will have in store! Kathryn wanting more out of life, Bay being lost once again, Daphne starting yet another job where she'll inevitably have some obstacles to climb, Regina becoming her own boss, and Angelo starting to blow through the settlement money... and there's still Toby, Emmett, John, and Travis to dig into! Who are you most interested in following at the moment? For me, I think it's Kathryn!
Switched at Birth "Drowning Girl" (S03E01): Daphne dreams that she's in jail and John wants her there, so she feels terrible asking for his help later when her car's tire is slashed at school. But we're getting ahead of ourselves... see, three high schools closed, so there's a re-distribution to Carlton, and most of the new students aren't just hearing, they're also delinquents. Security has been heightened, teachers struggle to maintain order, and fights break out over the littlest things. [so, it's not surprise that John wants the girls to return to Buckner.] Daphne tries to make peace with a troublesome girl, but the girl just gets upset that it's the fault of those who protested that she's there.

The reason Daphne calls John in a rush is because it's the first day of her new community service mandated project - 100 hours at a clinic. She's 20 minutes late anyway, and off to a bad start with the director. Fortunately, a wheelchair-bound volunteer takes pity on her, getting her out of a lecture, then later giving her a ride home. [snowboarding accidents? ouch!] Daphne cries to Toby, afraid that John hates her. [ouch.] She decides to try starting up a basketball program again, as that was something about her that John really liked, but Buckner won't let them share the space. The private school does, however, donate a bunch of old field hockey sticks, and Toby then volunteers to coach, as he has nothing else to do while Nikki is away. [I forgot about how weird Nikki and Toby's relationship is!]

The art program has been condensed, so Bay will be taking "Theories of Modern Art" a community college as her elective instead. She winds up sitting next to a fraternity pledge, and she'll have to visit the frat house in order to sketch a portrait of him for homework. [seriously, in this day and age they didn't just text one another selfies to work from?] There's a kegger going on when she gets there, so she works on sketching the picture of him on the pledge wall. [haha.] Marybeth stops by, and when she doesn't say that Ty asked about Bay, Bay decides to get drunk and hook up with somebody. [a bit extreme for her, no?] The pledge rushes to her rescue as she heads up the stairs, and in her drunken stupor, she confesses what she's feeling to the pledge. Bay calls Toby and Daphne for a ride home, and they announce Bay will be helping them form the field hockey team. [still skeptical over here!]

Kathryn goes to a psychologist to talk about everything going on and how she's not excited about anything, and he gives her a prescription for six weeks of pills. [and doesn't want to see her again until then? also, I'm fairly certain that only psychiatrists can prescribe...] She then pops into a dance studio and winds up joining a tap class. She makes a friend, Renzo, with whom she lunches the following day. [fwiw, he's half Chinese, half Filipino.] He invites her to a drum circle on Thursday, but she is supposed to accompany John to a charity dinner. She decides to lie to John to go to the drum circle instead. [oooh...]

Barbara's daughter is taking over the restaurant partnership with Angelo, and she wants to make some expensive upgrades to the plans, frustrating him. Regina's job will be ending because her boss is selling the shop and moving to London, but Bay suggests Regina buy it and keep it going. She considers it and decides to bring it up to Angelo, but he says that she requires too much from him - rehab, giving up Abby, etc., though he later apologizes for blowing up. [it was all the timing.]
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