Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Archer - Dr. Bunsen...

Archer "White Elephant" (S05E1): 
From the Diary of Archer Sterling...

It was THE best morning at ISIS ever... and then it blew up, literally. Oh yeah, it was Mother's birthday. After the explosion, storm ninjas showed up and engaged us in a massive fire fight. Brett died before he could remind me of the name of Beaker's assistant... Turns out the storm ninjas were FBI agents who are really bad at their jobs.
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Apparently, Mother had been lying about ISIS being sanctioned by the US government, which meant we were all under arrest for treason. After Cheryl insisted she be tazed on the way to being arrested, Mother seemed to have a way out until the entire team spilled their guts and Lana and I had to escape, even though she took my 'weird looking vagina comment' personally. Lana claimed she was leaving for good so I did the noble thing and suggested we get married, which she somehow refused. 

Lana and I break everyone out but get stopped at Mother's cell as she signs away any future for ISIS in a deal to not go to prison. Back at our now-former headquarters, everyone talks about their new careers, I think. Not sure, I was drinking. I daftly point out that we still have, literally, one ton of cocaine to get rid of, and envision the future of.... ARCHER VICE! Dun dun dun! Yep, startin' a cartel...
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