Thursday, January 16, 2014

Melissa & Joey: Coming Together

I think I would have preferred Joe to suffer a little longer! Of course, that might have complicated things with him moving out to avoid Mel and all, but the events taking place in this episode moved a little too quickly to seem real to me. That said, the direction of this show is sure to change, and I wonder if we're not already winding it down. Lennox is heading off to college, the kids have a new stepfather, and now Mel may be settling down to eventually begin her own family at long last. If I had to bet now, I'm thinking the series finale will come at the end of the fourth season and will feature Joe's proposal to Mel... any takers?
Melissa & Joey "A Decent Proposal" (S03E17): Joe acts as if he's been dumped by Mel upon returning to see her with Austin, so he decides to move out. [bad six months joke.] Two days later, Austin wants to propose, and asks Lennox's opinion on a ring, as he bought three. [overkill! plus, very Gilmore Girls.] Lennox tells her that Mel doesn't like diamonds, but that falls apart when Mel is wearing diamond earrings. [haha.] Lennox convinces Joe to go intercept the proposal, and that's where things get sticky. See, Ryder had been leaning to cook so the family could survive without Joe, and he assumes his stomach hurts from bad pork. In reality, it's appendicitis, so Joe rushes him to the hospital. Mel leaves dinner to head to the hospital, spoiling the proposal, which Austin hoped would go significantly better than it did. [haha, Joe tried to put together the surgical team and even Yelped the doctors!] When Mel gets to the hospital, she tells Joe that she loves him, and he keeps talking until Lennox makes them kiss. [weird.] They decide to give their relationship a chance, and they toast with some wine. [because Mel Burke is ever anywhere without wine?] 
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