Friday, January 17, 2014

White Collar: Done with "Rebecca"

Why anyone would want to live in Washington, DC over Manhattan is beyond me! Still, I wish Peter and Elizabeth the best, even if that means there will be different scenarios in the future of this series. But, speaking of futures, it seems like Neal doesn't have one right now, having been absolutely heartbroken by "Rebecca," whom I now loathe. Thank goodness for Mozzie, and thank goodness for their continued side projects, which will undoubtedly help pass the time now that it looks like Neal will have a lot more of it! Of course, maybe he'll end up going to Washington, too, though by the looks of it, he's going to attempt to "get out for good behavior" and stop having to work for the FBI for pennies. Regardless, something exciting (and unrealistic, of course) is bound to happen again soon!

White Collar "Live Feed" (S05E10): Peter is offered "section chief" in Washington, DC, and has two weeks before he starts. He has lots to close up before then, and Jones tells him to forget Neal and move on, to force the CI to take responsibility for himself. [boo Jones!] When Peter tells Elizabeth, she's willing to jump on the short notice, but he wants to make sure he solves the David case first. Peter also tells Jones not to take on Neal when the time comes. [haha!]

Neal talks to Curtis and offers him the window for the video of the heist, but Curtis has already kidnapped Rebecca to make sure he retains the upper hand. [I'm also taken by surprise when villains think ahead!] Neal only has 30 minutes to deliver the window with Mozzie, and when they can't figure out where Rebecca is being kept in that short amount of time, they decide to bug Curtis to determine that location. But, Curtis forces Mozzie to solve the mystery as Neal goes to work on an art forgery case, so Neal winds up bugging the art dealer instead. The forgery in question was done by Curtis, and with the FBI tracking him, Neal wants the latest. [I thought everything in this part of the story moved really quickly!] Meanwhile, Mozzie is forced to trace the images directly onto the codex, then memorize them, as Neal threatens to burn the pages if Rebecca isn't released.
Curtis lets her go but Neal burns the pages anyway, making an escape and finding her. The FBI get to Curtis, while Rebecca realizes that the item the codex is leading them to is the twin of the Hope Diamond. [holy cow! didn't see that coming!] Neal goes to the office, and when Jones finds out that Neal was with Curtis before the arrest, Peter and Curtis go to the latter's to see "evidence." Neal tries to stop Peter from going in alone when Curtis is shot by a sniper. [what?!?! another twist!] A receipt in his wallet has enter and exit times on it, from the same block where David's body was found. They use an old clue to find an apartment full of recon files on Neal, Peter, and everyone else on the team at the FBI. [that tripwire was interesting.] It is the apartment of the person who set up Curtis... and the details look like it's Rebecca's place AND it's where she was "held hostage" in the corner! [oh no! this makes her the bad guy!!]

White Collar
"Shot Through the Heart" (S05E11): Peter and Neal leave Rebecca's apartment and start to figure out how she killed David. Neal tells Peter everything about the codex and the Hope Diamond's twin. [but somehow Peter isn't super-interested in the details... strange.] Neal has to keep up appearances with Rebecca, and while he's with her, the FBI raid her apartment. A file gets dropped and sets off the alarm, forcing Neal to stall her a few more minutes before she runs off to a "doctor's appointment." [smart of Peter to set it up to look like the place was just flyered!] Four security cameras placed in her residence reveal that she's packing up everything from her other aliases.

Peter calls in Rebecca to see what she'll do when told that Neal has been involved in illegal activities, and is the primary suspect in Curtis's murder. She's told to keep her distance from him, but she calls him immediately, and they bug her. He tells her he has to run, but just before she admits to being the type of person who can do the same, she realizes something is up. [grrrr!] She runs away as the FBI heads back to her place to search even more. Neal's arm is grazed, but they realize it's because they were close to finding her "go bag," hidden in the radiator. [what a crazy place to stash it!] Identifications, cash in multiple currencies, passports... she's trapped without this stuff, and it gets worse when they find the gun used to shoot David buried in a sidewalk that was being paved at the time. [whoa!] Soon, we learn that she was an MI-5 agent who sold confidential information. [it just keeps getting crazier!]

Neal baits her by offering to barter the location of the diamond for Curtis's blackmail video, even though they haven't cracked the code yet. Rebecca meets him to make the trade, and he tries to seduce her once more, handcuffing her to his own wrist. She shoots the cuffs and heads out of the building, though she is caught just the same. [and Neal gets slapped on hsi own wrists for taking this into his own hands.]

Back at the office, Peter tells Neal he's headed to Washington, then goes home to celebrate with Elizabeth, who was just offered a wonderful position there as well. Later, "Rachel" calls Neal from jail to say that she'll see him soon. [hmmmm....]
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