Friday, December 20, 2013

White Collar: Sorry I Broke Your Dinosaur; The Truth Comes Out

Curtis threatening to hurt June if Neal doesn't cooperate bothered me, as she really is an innocent bystander 90% of the time. Rebecca becoming a regular face with increased screentime also irks me, but that's more because I don't find that she adds much to the drama and seems like a major liability more than anything else. I mean, if they need more female presence, why not utilize Elizabeth?? Regardless, as the truth about the coin heist is now revealed, I'm sad to see the relationship dynamic between Peter and Neal change yet again. It almost sets up something huge coming up, though, as right now Peter has no trust in Neal, but I think he has to for the series to work. My prediction is that Neal will really have to save the life of Peter and/or Elizabeth yet again, and this time possibly get dinged while doing so! 

White Collar "Digging Deeper" (S05E08): A fossilized dinosaur egg is found, but the accompanying Tyrannosaurus is missing. [yeah, I was lost for a moment there, too!] Neal wonders if it's real, as fake fossils flood the market. [really??!?] Peter talks to someone who had bid on one not long ago, and Neal later breaks in to check the place. When he locates a suitcase full of money, he's almost caught. There's a stolen artifact in the room, and the guy pretends to leave the country. [while I love hearing about Neal's previous endeavors, sometimes it is sad that he admits how he did things to Peter, his captor.] 
David Giesbrecht/USA Network
Neal and Mozzie create an egg replica (complete with tracking device) as bait to catch whomever has the mama dino, and Neal pretends to be a black marketeer's accomplice to sell it to the suspect. But, when he wants to scan the egg, Peter has to get in there to pass off a drive to Neal so he can get the right image up. [miraculously, it works!] They then follow him right to the T-Rex!

Peter is suspicious of Neal's whereabouts, and Jones does some digging to uncover that Neal is spending time with Rebecca. Rebecca, in turn, has learned that Mosconi was a mason, and Mozzie vets Rebecca for dirt, coming up with little. When Peter spies on Neal, he starts to think that the FBI pen at the chiropractor's office was to impress the girl, so he and Elizabeth encourage Neal to be honest about who he is. [he's wearing a tracking anklet... how is he going to get up a romantic relationship and not have her question it?] Neal does tell the truth, and even gets an intimate night out of it!

White Collar
"No Good Deed" (S05E09): A coin from the heist gets pawned, and Jones quickly jumps on it. Peter is excited, but it came from a nun who stole it from the collection basket, so there is quite a trail to follow in trying to track the original thief. Neal tracks it first, trying to run interference, but soon runs out of time. Mozzie was supposed to have lunch with Elizabeth, but when Peter shows up in her place, he forces Mozzie to give him a name. Neal stalls Peter so Mozzie can get the criminal out in time, but Peter is suspicious. 

Rebecca realizes that Neal can't come to her place because it is more than two miles away, but that issue is mitigated by the idea that the thirteenth chapter of the codex could still be returned. Neal tells her to stay away from danger, but as he and Mozzie get themselves closer to stealing a stained glass window, she wants in on the heist. [now I'm starting to wonder if Peter got to her and she is using Neal!] Neal and Mozzie damage the window in a small place so it will have replaced, then use Rebecca to distract the repairmen so they can take the window. Mozzie assists by pretending to be from a brotherhood of some sort, and when Peter is monitoring Neal's anklet, he shows up moments after they got the window, too. Neal pretends that he was just buying a cronut, but Peter is skeptical. [those cronuts are EVERYWHERE!]

Jones is stalking the flower shop for Decker to return, but Peter psyches out Neal early, getting him to confess to bribing the prosecutor. [I can't believe that Neal fell for that!] Peter almost arrests Neal, who still believes he did the right thing, but decides to let him go, though he firmly reiterates that he "believes in the system." As Neal discovers that the window panes act as a decoder, Jones snags Decker and interrogates him. Peter, meanwhile, against Elizabeth's wishes, decides to tell the prosecutor he knows about the bribe. He forces the man to turn in the coins and resign or be arrested. Peter then shares the compromise with Neal. [this is really getting messy!]
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