Monday, January 20, 2014

HIMYM: Slaps and Fights

I recently pointed out that this series is finally getting to me, and it's only becoming more apparent with each passing episode. While I understand that it must be very tough to do this final season with a 24-like approach, and Bays and Thomas are going for broke here, it would be nice if they could keep the show watchable for the remaining handful of episodes. Humor is great, we know there is plenty of sentiment to come, callbacks are appropriate (surprised to see the 2am rule in there!), and timeline-skewed storylines are their specialty, but I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my time (especially on Mondays, which is a heavy-TV night for me anyway) with this series, to which I've been faithful for so long. There's drama to be had as well, and I think there's great potential, but I would hate for it to be wasted, much like the creators' failed show last year, The Goodwin Games.  

How I Met Your Mother "Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra" (S09E14): Marshall tells a story of a year prior when he went to a "Kung Fu School" to learn how to slap, but they turned him down. However, a little boy told him to go to Shanghai to master speed, strength, and accuracy, so he does. Barney doesn't believe him until he damages the jukebox at the bar. [of course, you're not really supposed to believe him anyway.] Robin, Lily, and Ted coach him as Chinese folks, and they have him complete various tasks, like getting slapped by people angry at Barney. [yeah, the show and its creators took flack for having white people act Chinese.]
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We see several mishaps and hear ridiculous feats, but Marshall is still an apprentice when it comes to accuracy, so when it matters, he misses Barney's face. [funny, yet ridiculous.] At his next opportunity, he makes contact and gets a great hit, marking the fourth slap of the slapbet. [omg, BOYZ II MEN!!! I was behind. completely confused as to why there were only 3 members, had to go find out what happened to the first group from whom I owned every CD as a teenager. #endbrag]

How I Met Your Mother "Unpause" (S09E15): Sunday, 2am, 16 hours before the wedding. Marshall is trying to stay "paused" in his fight with Lily by keeping everyone up with extra rounds of drinks and telling old stories. He even shows off some embarrassing souvenirs he picked up from Ted's home on his road trip. However, just after he and Lily retire to their room (with Marvin in a babysitter's room for the night), Barney reaches truth-serum drunk. [people who drink a lot: is that a thing?] Robin wants to know what Barney means by "ring bear," but Ted is more interested in finding out what Barney's job is. He admits that he "Provides Legal Exculpation and Signs Everything," taking liability away from the company. ["please" haha!] There's some concern about his life in the fact that he could be legally implicated for all kinds of things signing sketchy documents, but we also learn that, two months later, Barney tells the feds everything, for revenge on the man who stole his girlfriend when Barney was still a hippie. [that's a flashback from the FIRST SEASON, by the way!] Oh, and it also comes out that Robin's family is rich, and that Barney spends approximately 1/16 of his income on suits. [which I'm estimating to be like $20k/year. crazy!]

Lily wants to be intimate before they unpause, so Marshall decides to make the experience last as long as possible, but in trying to prolong himself, he winds up killing the mood. [and tries to get back into it by thinking of bugs with boobs??] He goes to Barney for tips, but in the businessman's drunken stupor, he admits he takes pills, and passes Marshall some, which he uses. When they unpause, Marshall calls art Lily's hobby, not her career. Both claim the other is being selfish, and Lily leaves the inn. [I'm assuming Ranjit picked her up? and The Mother will somehow be the one to bring her back?]

Future Fun: Ted and The Mother took a babymoon to The Farhampton Inn in 2017, and Luke is born as the exception to the "nothing good happens after 2am" rule.
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