Monday, February 10, 2014

Instant Mom: Kids on Valentine's Day

When it comes to comedies, I think that children have the best Valentine's Day storylines. Remember the sweater DJ got on Full House that led Stephanie to shoplift? What about when The Brady Bunch's Greg tries to help Peter get the girl, but the girl thinks Greg is crushing on her? With those only being the tip of the iceberg, Instant Mom came through with funny plotlines for James, and especially Aaron. Having him now be dating his bully was precious, and learning that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the Hoover family was even better. Gabby's flashes on the screen fell flat, Maggie might as well have been absent from the episode, and the vows situation was a bit horrific, so it was nice to have cute kids experiencing first love for Valentine's.
Instant Mom "True Romance" (S01E13): It's Valentine's Day, and Gabby protests not being able to date by dressing all in black. [I didn't realize this was set in Philly, but that's what the newspaper suggests!] Later, she gets invited on a group date to the movies, so it all works out. [though her dress was hideous!]

Charlie forgot about the holiday and rushes off to the jewelry store while Stephanie prepares a nice dinner and plans to watch their wedding video together. [they haven't seen it yet?? did they just receive it in the mail??] However, when Maggie comes over and wants to preview it, they learn that it's the DVD of his first wedding, and Charlie used the same vows! [jaw drop!] He claims that he lost the vows he wrote for Stephanie, and had to come up with something on the spot, and knew these ones because his ex-wife used to make him watch the video annually. [haha!] She asks him for new vows, but he just memorizes something from the internet, upsetting her further. [sidenote, she was a Tri-Delt.] The couple start listing complaints about one another,but wind up realizing that they're deeply in love. [this was pretty realistic.]

James gets a mystery card from Dana, a girl he likes, but bitter Gabby tries to scare him by making it look like he's being stalked. [that was kinda awful of her, really.] Eventually she succeeds in freaking him out, but when Dana comes over, all is resolved promptly. He even gets kissed, so all is well with the world. Aaron, on the other hand, gave all of Stephanie's jewelry to give to Sam, who passed it on to her grandmother. [wearing every piece at the same time was too on-the-nose for me.] Stephanie goes to collect it back, and gets multiple sob stories from the woman, but Aaron convinces Sam to make her grandmother return it. [so the kid even bosses around her family? figures.] 
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