Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sean Saves the World: Doing as Your Parents Ask

Despite the fact that my mom was obsessed with Dirty Dancing when I was a kid, I totally didn't think about this episode being dance-oriented. The actual dance scenes were pretty short, and the episode really didn't have a lot of substance. If this is the best that the writers can do a mere five episodes into the series, I have little faith that it will last, so I'm out. The trickle-down effect of doing what your parents want wasn't a lost cause from the start, but it didn't play out in the most coherent way, and I wish it was more interesting... the balance between Sean at home and Sean at work interferes sometimes! Are you going to stick it out a little longer?
Chris Haston/NBC
Sean Saves the World "Nobody Puts Sean in a Corner" (S01E05): Sean wants to take a Christmas photo with Ellie, complete with vintage costumes, but she isn't interested. [I could TOTALLY get on board with this! Guys with Kids did a great job with it last season!] When Sean isn't interested in dancing with his mother in a competition, Ellie thinks she should be allowed to opt-out of things, too, like the Christmas picture. [hahaha. if only.] Because Sean wants the photo, he does the dancing... until Liz convinces him to fake an injury and get Hunter to dance instead. Max is upset that he wasn't offered the chance to dance with Lorna, but it's really just a case of being lonely and wanting to be included on everything... ever. [I can relate, but it is annoying!] As he has outsourced his chore, Ellie doesn't think the Christmas photo still needs to happen, so Sean enters the dance competition with Liz... only she really does get injured at the last second, so Max has to step in to be his partner. They win, and Sean gets his picture, even if Lorna wears go-go boots and a 60s dress in a 50s picture. [eye roll!]
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