Friday, November 1, 2013

Elementary - Holmes is Anti-Marriage, Unless it's Too Late

An interesting take on a police captain's trials and tribulations, Holmes doesn't seen like a good choice to turn to for moral support. It seems he and Watson are swapping roles to become more like each other, Watson wanting to beef up her analytical detective skills and Holmes left to try out emotional comforting.

Elementary "An Unnatural Arrangement" (S02E06): Holmes takes Watson to watch arrested men in the police station holding cells on a Friday night. Watson runs into a 'night detective' who asks 'just her' for ideas for a string on falafel cart robberies.

Captain Gregson's wife gets threatened with a gun in her house, but she got to a gun and shot him before he fled. After the police and the duo question Gregson and his wife, Gregson reveals he hasn't lived at home in about a month. Holmes and Watson begin going through Gregson's history, which leads into a discussion on Holmes believing marriage is caustic on a detective's career.
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After the invader's blood doesn't turn up a DNA match against anyone in the system, Holmes and Watson check up on a man who's been stalking Gregson and find Henry Bishop passed out on his bathroom floor with a gunshot wound in his shoulder. Bell is sure the invader will back off, but another man is killed by apparently the same person.

Watson gets slightly peeved when she finds out Holmes has solved the falafel cart robbery without her knowing. Upon hearing a witness describe a light-blue pickup truck parked in front of the house, Gregson confronts his wife about seeing a male friend. It does not go over well and they seem to have the same argument about him never being home because of work.

Interviewing the mother of the murder victim, it's revealed that his C.O. (commanding officer) lives near Captain Gregson and Holmes figures out a 'maps' program points to Gregson's house rather than the C.O.'s when when entering the C.O.'s address. Gregson breaks into the C.O.'s house only to find him dead. Afterward, Gregson confines in Holmes that his wife is seeing an old friend. He offers Watson for someone to talk to...

Holmes and Watson head off to visit the woman, Beth, with whom murder victim 1 had an affair while stationed in Afghanistan. Turns out, it wasn't really an affair, which removes the reason given by their first suspect for getting into a fight with victim 1 while stationed there for an archeological dig.

Holmes and Watson deduce that an artifact was taken from the Afganistan dig and identify it as a bowl that Holmes remembers in Beth's display case. Returning to her house with a search warrant and Detective Bell, the bowl is gone and they can't charge her with anything. Feeling bad about solving the falafel cart case and thereby robbing Watson of the opportunity to do so, he gives her access to all his cold cases that he's 'given his all' to.

After hearing witness statements that there were no disturbances having occurred between the duo's two visits, Watson realized that Beth's dog would have barked at any man that would have come in. Since there had been no barking, the dog had to know the man and they deduced it was her ex-husband. They track him down and he confesses to being her accomplice in stealing and fencing the artifacts. They return and arrest her.

Holmes checks into the 'friend' Gregson's wife has been seeing and tells him it seems she is trying to get a reaction out of him and not to give up. Watson opens the trunk with Holmes' old cases, solidifying that he did mean it when he said that they are partners and it does not matter which of them solves the case, as long as their cases get solved.
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