Friday, November 8, 2013

Michael J. Fox: Leigh is So Needy!

Wow, this show makes me so mad! The way that Leigh is always pestering Mike for life help infuriates me. Annie endorsing Leigh's choices and getting Mike to give in to his sister makes it so much worse. And the fact that nobody seems to think of Leigh as a failed adult is just too much! I've been wavering on this series for several episodes now, but this was the one that did me in. I need a family show to have clear definitions of who the family members are and how they should interact... immaturity is just not appealing.
Eric Liebowitz/NBC
The Michael J. Fox Show "Beg Bugs" (S01E08): Ian arranges for Eve's gym bag to go missing, forcing her to ride the subway home in a sailor suit. [none of her friends had any clothing they could loan her? the one semester I took gym, we tended to bring an extra shirt at least!] A prank war is initiated, and Eve uses a simple saran-wrap-on-the-toilet decoy to tease Ian through a fake meeting with a CEO. [haha, LinkedIn. because so many people get jobs from that!] Ian goes all out to prepare, even cashing in a savings bond prematurely to buy a suit for the interview. [cue another dumb Leigh move!] Well, Eve realizes that what she did wasn't actually funny, and she sends an email saying that the company is relocating to Poughkeepsie. Well, Ian decides to go after the job anyway, and even though Eve tells him the truth, he goes on his way regardless, not believing her. [he really is an odd one!] He winds up a suit salesman after chatting to someone on the train. [for a bankrupt company, but that's not the point...]

Leigh got into a writer's group but doesn't want to host them once a month because she got her couch from a dumpster over a decade ago. [ha! "your toe is 12 years long?"] She asks Mike for money for a couch, and when her literary agent gives up on her, Mike caves. She asks for money to reupholster it, too, but Mike says that she needs to start taking care of her own life. Well, the couch has bedbugs, so she has to stay with the Henrys. [...why don't they take precautions to make sure she isn't bringing them into their place??] She has an exterminator coming, but in the meantime, she's wreaking havoc in the Henry household. [haha, Fonz reference!] Well, Leigh is worried about the chemicals that the exterminator wanted to spray, so she asks him not to do so, as she believes that sage will naturally kill them off in three weeks. [eye roll!] Well, Mike decides to exterminate the place himself, after he's tired of sleeping on the couch and performs poorly at work. [falling asleep in an interview? holy cow! also, interviewing both a cat and Chris Christie is odd. what's his job description again??]
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