Friday, October 18, 2013

Michael J. Fox: Interning, Writing, Hiring

Can we talk about how inappropriate this skirt is for the workplace? Eve is only in high school, but surely one of her parents would suggest she wear something a little more conservative to work, no?
Eric Liebowitz/NBC
It's times like these that I'm grateful I never had the opportunity to make such mistakes. Our skirts/shorts/dresses had to come to the middle of the knee in sixth grade, the top of the knee through tenth, and we were allowed two inches above during our last two years of school. And, yes, I once had to kneel on the ground to be measured, and promptly received a dress code violation when my short-alls (remember when those were a thing?) were deemed not long enough. Anyway, I'm giving this series one final chance to impress me next week... I really wanted to like it but I'm grasping at air here. It's not cute, it's not funny, and the family doesn't seem particularly likeable.

The Michael J. Fox Show "Interns" (S01E05): Eve is interning at Mike's station, and Susie tries to give her more interesting work than Mike does. She gets to pitch some stories and work on an underage drinking expose under Susie, so Mike tries to out-do them, taking a junky intern in a helicopter for a story about library budgets. [hahaha.] Then, he gets in the middle of the expose, not believing it's real. [o_O]

Leigh is writing a book and wants Annie to read the first chapter. It's terrible but Annie doesn't know how to break it to her, so she lies. [but not well! come on, people! prep yourself!] It doesn't work so she comes clean, and even lets Leigh read part of it in her class, and the kids eat it up. [because kids like anything that isn't classic literature, LoL.]

Graham is following around Ian for the day as Graham tries to hire an intern. Nobody wants to work in Graham's bedroom, except Graham. [that was a little cute.]
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