Saturday, October 12, 2013

Michael J. Fox Show: Art & Sports

In case you were curious, there is another movie with a pottery scene: TITANIC! There's a pottery scene at the very beginning, as OldRose is working the wheel when she hears the news talk about the Titanic exploration. Anyway, pottery is an interesting hobby, but I found it incredibly frustrating when I took it for a semester in college, so I imagine that it would be difficult for a grade schooler to enjoy. Hockey, on the other hand, is interesting for kids, at least on Roseanne and Beverly Hills, 90210. and The Simpsons and South Park, for that matter. And, as the other Henry children don't seem to be sports-oriented, it could be a great way for Mike to bond with his youngest. The fact that he chooses another activity entirely doesn't bother me, but where in Manhattan is there an outdoor go-kart track??

The Michael J. Fox Show "Hobbies" (S01E04): Annie and Mike struggle with the new breakdown of household chores. [the multiple dinners was pretty funny and original.] However, Annie is having a touch time with Graham bothering her all afternoon, so she wants to get him into a new afterschool activity. She thinks pottery would be a good choice, but Mike believes hockey would be a better fit. Both parents sign him up for their preferred activities, and both demonstrate their own strengths as Graham just keeps playing video games. [hahaha!] The Henrys put him in a go-kart activity, as he likes to play driving games.
Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC
Eve gets a bully tweet, and Leigh decides to help fight back. It backfires, and Eve works on trying to figure out a new way of running, as she's getting teased. [Phoebe Buffay from Friends, anyone?] Leigh keeps trying to make a difference, but winds up making things worse and worse, and soon winds up in the principal's office for writing those tweets. On the bright side, she might have finally found a voice that will do better for her Cosmo-like articles. [side-boob as a topic? no comment.] 

At work, Mike is reunited with Susie Jones, with whom he worked years ago in Florida. He's not happy about it, but she spins it so that he's the only reason she has a career. [oh I HATE her!] Then, she threatens him in private, and he can't wait to prove her wrong. Harris knows that Mike is right when he witnesses Susie in pain after she claimed that she could no longer feel. [haha - Mike gifts her a broken vase just to cause her pain and annoyance!]
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