Saturday, October 12, 2013

Last Man Standing: Ryan or John?

Kristin being faced with temptation was interesting, and completely believable, given that John is successful and polite, whereas Ryan is argumentative and sassy. Plus, many Home Improvement fans would like nothing more than for the Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Tim Allen reunion to continue! However, Kristin being able to control herself and remain loyal to her babydaddy was admirable, even if undesirable. With Kyle AND Ryan working for Outdoor Man now, though, it seems likely that more episodes will cut out Eve, Boyd, and Vanessa in favor of showing the characters who are all in the same location... no? Let's hope not, as Eve has some interesting plots from time to time... though not this "chip clip training" stuff!
Last Man Standing "Ryan v. John Baker" (S03E04): Ryan is picketing, and has been for a while, but at least Kristin is excelling at managing John's restaurant. Mike, Vanessa, and Mandy go to dinner at Kristin's restaurant, and soon Boyd joins them when there's a meeting called by the union. [why not drop off Boyd with Eve at the Baxter home?] Ryan then decides to make a few comments about restaurant workers being underpaid and not receiving sick days, making Kristin uncomfortable. [I would have been SO LIVID at him!] Later, John flirts with Kristin, and goes to kiss her until she pushes him away. At home, she finds out that Ryan didn't accept the union deal, and convinced the others to turn it down as well. [troublemaker!] Mike tells Ryan that he needs to support Boyd, so he decides to get another job to tide them over... and he begins as a night janitor at Mike's store for minimum wage. Mandy goes to ask Kristin about her relationship with John, then takes her to see Ryandoing something he doesn't want. [I don't appreciate Mike using Vanessa to flush out Eve.]
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