Saturday, October 12, 2013

Big Bang: Being Objective...

I've seen the Indiana Jones movies, but I'm not a huge fan. My husband, on the other hand, immediately started pointing out that Amy was wrong with her nitpicks of Raiders of the Lost Ark. He jumped straight to (and beyond) the fact which Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Sheldon ponder at the end of the film: without Indy, the Ark would not be in the possession of the United States. Moving on, though, a three-plotline episode didn't serve the characters wonderfully in this episode... especially as I expect that we will see more of Raj and Stuart's online dating antics at a later date.

The Big Bang Theory "The Raiders Minimization" (S07E04): Sheldon and Amy watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, but she doesn't enjoy it the way he had hoped. She found it entertaining, but points out that Indiana Jones has no role in the outcome of the story... if he wasn't in it, it would play out exactly the same. [kinda a hilarious premise!]
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So, he wants to ruin something beloved to her... like Pride and Prejudice, Marmaduke, Garfield, or Little House on the Prairie. He watches an episode of the latter with Amy and begins pointing out historical inaccuracies.

Penny buys Leonard's mother's book because it's recommended for her psychology class. [is she doing one class per year? last fall it was History...] He begs her not to discuss it with him, as he has painful memories of the experiments that his mother performed on/with him. [yikes!] Well, he winds up milking his feelings into what he wants to do for quite a while. Howard tries to pull the same on Bernadette, but she doesn't buy it. [haha!] Bernadette tells Penny, who Skypes Leonard's mother about it. [HILARIOUS!] 

Stuart and Raj fill out online dating profiles, and Stuart has a difficult time taking a good photo. [very Chandler from Friends, really.] They struggle with the questions, with responses such as Raj's best feature being his parents' money, and Stuart's one-word description for himself as "unobjectionable." [whaaat?] Their profiles get read, but they receive no messages. They head to the bar to feel better about themselves, but it doesn't work. [not sure why they thought it would, either...]
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