Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Crazy Ones: How I Learned to Drive

I hadn't noticed the uniqueness of the opening before (if it existed)... I I like the different skyscrapers draped in the actors' images. It is cute and themed well for the series. However, I am also really starting to wonder how long this comedy will last... with me. Numbers-wise, it's doing fine. Interest-wise, I'm just not there. I want so much to like it, but it's just such a shallow show. I'll give it one more episode to truly hook me... otherwise I'm just going to feel like I'm being led along by the stars... a remora in a way, if you will. 
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The Crazy Ones "Bad Dad" (S01E03): Simon and Sydney pitch a family angle to a car insurance company, but their true-to-life depiction of learning to drive is not like anyone else's. When they observe a focus group watching it, the group's mixed reactions (mainly thinking that the dad is crazy and the daughter is b!tchy) makes them second-guess their approach. [it was a bit horrifying!] Sydney realizes that she never learned to drive because she was so scared from her traumatizing experience, so Simon decides to re-teach her. She winds up hitting someone who is also learning to drive, but the daddy-daughter pair still bond when they camp in the park together. [totally random!] 

Elsewhere at the office, it becomes clear that Zach is Simon's remora, and Andrew is Zach's. They sucklefishes mooch off ideas, cast aside food, old lovers, and more. [six sisters?? wow!] 
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