Sunday, October 13, 2013

Welcome to the Family: Getting Along

The two soon-to-be-grandmothers bonding was nice, even if it brought together the two soon-to-be-grandfathers a little prematurely, in my opinion.
Eddy Chen/NBC
I still can't get on board with Caroline being pregnant the same time Molly is, though. I'm pretty sure this series will have a tough time getting renewed, if it even gets a full season order... the ratings are pretty bad. I'd like to see Junior's brother or friends try to talk him into fulfilling his goals for himself, and maybe Molly's friends wondering aloud how the ditzy teen will handle parenthood. Too bad this is a comedy... Beverly losing the baby would probably interest me much more in this series.

Welcome to the Family "Dan Finds Out" (S01E02): Caroline goes to get an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy, but Junior and Molly are there to do the same. Caroline pretends she's there to support Molly, so the rest of the family shows up, too. [nobody had someplace important to be? no notice and they all make it??] When Molly needs an insurance card, the families argue over who should pay for the prenatal care. [split it like brunch! ha!] Then, Junior finds out about Caroline's pregnancy when he has to run back to grab Molly's purse. She tells him to keep quiet... but it becomes clear that he tells his mother immediately. [while I hate people who can't keep secrets AND people who know something so they try to draw more out from someone, this was a nice way to illustrate how close to Lisette Junior is.] Lisette goes over to help Caroline figure out how to tell Dan about her pregnancy, and Caroline decides to do it by phone. [WHAT??!?] Of course, at the time, Dan was trying to drive with boxing gloves on (in an attempt to get along with Miguel, he went to take a boxing lesson but left in a huff), and he crashes into Miguel's car. [of course.] An hour later, nobody knows where Dan is, and Miguel has to find him. He gets Dan to agree to come home, though they throw a few punches first. [how immature!]
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