Friday, October 4, 2013

NEW SHOW: Welcome to the Family: Meet the Families

If you're new here, you might not know that I can't stand teenagers who have sex. I get really angry when people have no self-control and let their hearts and hormones make decisions for them. So, I'm definitely going to have issues going into Welcome to the Family, but, because I found Reba funny, I'm testing the waters. Well, it's even more like Reba than I initially thought. While Brock was a dentist, Dan is an orthodontist. Barbara Jean was pregnant about the same time Cheyenne was, and it appears that Caroline's pregnancy will coincide with Molly's. Plus, Molly is even more of an airhead than Cheyenne was, so storylines that focus on the teen's naivety will certainly commence soon enough. Overall, I laughed at the pilot, and believe that it managed to set up quite a bit for the main characters to work on, even if the time of year is all wrong. Pet peeve!
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Welcome to the Family "Pilot" (S01E01): Molly Yoder and Junior Hernandez graduate from different high schools in Los Angeles. Molly almost didn't graduate, but has plans to attend Arizona State. Junior is valedictorian and headed to Stanford... until, during his speech, he gets a text that girlfriend Molly is pregnant. [I hate speeches cut short!] His family knows about her, but hers have no idea he exists, so she leads with "I have a boyfriend," before breaking the news that she was his first and they weren't uber-careful. [actually, we do not yet know how the pregnancy occurred.]

The Hernandez clan shows up for dinner, and they're off on the wrong foot right away when the fathers recognize one another: excited about having more time and space to himself, Dan decided to visit a boxing gym, only to get bullied by the owner, Miguel. [Miguel really was mean about not giving a free lesson!] The kids then announce their amended plans: Junior will go to UCLA and tutor, while Molly plans to attend community college and work at the mall. [and, apparently she is the one teen in America who can get a job and start the next day.]

The next day, Junior asks Dan for Molly's hand in marriage with a nice little speech, then proposes to her. [she freaks out that he asked her dad, as it's "not respectful of women." interesting take... wouldn't have expected her to be such a feminist.] Molly goes to Miguel to ask for Junior's hand, but he rejects the idea. [ouch!] The kids get engaged anyway, and everyone goes to the pier to celebrate, even if the carnival games become a competition between Miguel and Dan. Caroline and Lisette talk, and when there's a common goal (stopping the kids from getting on a ride while pregnant) the families come together.

Caroline also appears to be pregnant, but hasn't shared the news yet. [why? why create more drama than anyone needs? how common is it outside of reality TV for mothers and daughters to be simultaneously expecting?]
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