Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Goldbergs: The End of Summer

Ugh. Still a very 80s opening, though not quite as nostalgic as the one in the pilot. And, for someone who spent countless hours of my teenage years at the local roller rink, I found this episode pretty annoying. I'm also a sucker for back-to-school episodes, so something set on September 8th and including a shopping trip should have been right up my alley. I think that the saving grace on this comedy is how great of an actor Sean Giambrone is as young Adam. I'll give it one more episode to entice me, but this is getting close to the cliff in my eyes... anyone disagree?

The Goldbergs "Daddy Daughter Day" (S01E02): Beverly stares at Adam while he sleeps, then takes him school shopping. [creepy.] Adam can't stand the childish things his mother has picked out, so he turns to Grandpa to help. The elderly man gets him a DayGlo jacket, a polo shirt, and acid wash jeans, which Adam loves. But, Beverly shrinks the new clothes, then denies it, attempting to force Adam to wear her selections. [this is a sign of a disturbed person, you guys.]
ABC/Eric McCandless
She realizes that all of the kids are growing up, and she doesn't want to say goodbye. Beverly decides to buy Adam what he wants after all, and even though they get to the mall after closing, Beverly talks their way in. [she's a pushy b!tch, really.]

Meanwhile, Barry asks his father for $20 for a demo for his rap group, where he is "Big Tasty." [ha!] Murray turns him down, but quickly hands Erica $20 for "girl stuff." [I hate double standards for your kids. it was a very big problem in my household.] Beverly claims that Murray can't handle his daughter anymore, and wants him to spend a day with Erica, so he takes her to the roller rink like old times. [she had some interesting skates!] They do the claw machine, play pinball and air hockey, and pick on Barry, who has apparently been skating there every weekend all summer. They then bond over nachos and she dishes about her life, but Murray ends up hearing more than he wants to. [even if he promised not to judge her, I think she went overboard with the honest!] In the end, he can yell at her once again, and welcomes her life issues, provided Beverly isn't available. [LoL. and the end rap from Barry was terrible.]
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