Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trophy Wife: Kate Helps Out

That little Bert is a real show-stealer! Now I really wish I had seen him on stage in the local show he did! While I'm not really hooked on this comedy, I will give it points for being unique and for the humorous lines the children say. Because of the distinct family dynamics required for the premise, the interworkings of the various relationships will take a while to flesh out, but that's not always a bad thing. I am definitely looking forward to getting more on Meg, as well as what drove Jackie and Pete apart. Until then, though, I think this series needs to work more on its balance of adults vs. kids, as more scenarios without the youngsters could be good.

Trophy Wife "Cold File" (S01E02): Bert procrastinates going to bed, allowing Kate to see just how difficult it can be to care for young children. Still, she's determined to help out more, so she volunteers to do it alone, against Jackie's wishes. When she doesn't make any progress after three hours, she lets Bert fall asleep while watching television... only he ends up staying awake for hours, watching age-inappropriate things. [hahaha.] So, when he's tired the next day, Kate lets him have some coffee... but rather than a sip, he goes for much more, making him hyper at his soccer game. [she went out to get that, then came back to wake him up?] Unfortunately, he eventually crashes, letting every ball get past him before just laying down on the job. Kate winds up admitting to it all when she accidentally kicks a ball to Bert, swelling his testicle. [omg that's crazy!] But, they bonded over the experience, as he calls for her when he wants juice.
Hillary and Warren spill salsa on Diane's couch, and solve their problem by flipping the cushions. Diane figures it out and sets up a Tell-Tale Heart scenario, serving quesadillas, teaching them to dance the salsa, and eventually flipping the cushions over so they confess and promise they'll never eat on the sofa or hide anything from her again. [I sometimes wonder if my siblings and I have less of a conscience than most people... we never gave in, LoL.]
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