Thursday, October 3, 2013

South Park: Taking Matters into their Own Hands

Cartman hates Wendy, got it. The fact that he can't get past that, however, is sad, because even when she agrees with him, he boos her. Not caring about Syrian refugees is one thing, but when you are trying to change something that is affecting your daily life, it's something else. Speaking of which, it could have been much more effective if other kids' parents were wrapped up in the "informative murder porn," rather than so much of the Marshes. Also, I'm glad that someone finally explained Minecraft to me. Last summer I had students who talked about it all the time and I had never heard of it. To this day I haven't seen a single advertisement, either!

South Park "Informative Murder Porn" (S17E02): The kids are giving reports at school, and one student talks about the stuff their parents watch on Investigation Discovery. Stan's parents claim they like informative news and documentaries, but it's actually people having affairs and then getting shot. [ah ha! the title. got it.] Then, there's an instance in South Park, which has the kids up in arms at the community center. [really? they'd all head over there for this?] The kids want to block what their parents can watch, and the passwords are answers to Minecraft questions! [Stan wants Jaden Smith as a son? huh?] When the adults can't figure out the game, they go looking for answers and offer a kid 100 oz of silver to teach them the game. [haha, updated Judas?]
Comedy Central
Butters tells the kids at school about his parents playing Minecraft, and the kids try to figure out who is helping the adults. later, the children wonder if they should trust their parents not to imitate what they see on television. [haha on the adults building actual castles and cabins!] The kids go to the cable company to get certain networks removed: ID, A&E, OWN, and Oxygen. [only worth a giggle, sadly.] The company re-programs the packages to force the adults into buying a premium package in order to receive those channels. [this made me bust out in laughter!] In the end, the adults enjoy killing one another in Minecraft, which I guess goes to show you that they're going to do what they want, regardless of what options you give them.
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