Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Middle: Sue Loses, Brick Steps Up

Sue will never win. The Middle has designed the character to be a perpetual loser in just about everything. Although she did have a moment to shine in the season opener when she was granted a leadership position, her failure to have a successful relationship is par for the course. It has been months since she and Darrin ended things, but she still seemed pretty surprised that he had found somebody else to date. But enough about her, as she is pretty much a lost cause. Brick acted impressively this episode, not only by deciding to conquer his fear and show his fellow sixth graders that it is safe to use the school restroom, but also by using his phone responsibly and texting Axl updates about the household. It appears that the only reason Axl takes calls from his father over Frankie is because Brick has been informing his older brother of how lonely Mike has been. Axl not acting like a slimeball about it is an added bonus of maturity. 

The Middle "Change in the Air" (S05E02): The a/c is broken, and the Hecks are going to wait until winter so they can get it fixed at a cheaper rate. When it just keeps getting hotter, Mike asks Axl's friend, Darrin, to help, as he's a future service technician. While he doesn't know how to fix it, when Sue sees him, they have a moment together behind the house.
After talking to Brad, Sue decides to make a move, but Darrin is seeing a fellow vocational student named Angel. Fortunately, although Sue is crushed, she also has a lot going for her, unafraid to roam about the school at her leisure. [no school supplies... anyone surprised?] Over at the middle school, however, Brick avoids the bathroom so as not to get swirlies, and is hanging with others who are doing the same. [at least he's being social!] Eventually has to go, and winds up making it through without incident. 
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