Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dads: Maid Troubles

Who fights over a maid? Warner and Eli, apparently. While this episode was leaps and bounds better over the pot one, it didn't really have any lasting impression. The B-story, with Veronica hiring Crawford as an intern, was much more appealing, although it could have been drawn out for more than a single episode. In fact, I think the only two things that really draw me in for this series is the fact that it is set in San Francisco and the petite statures of the stars... Seth Green is 5'4" and Giovanni Ribisi is 5'7". One more episode, but then I'll probably be giving this one the boot. The ratings dropped off from the pilot to the second episode, and then a little more for this one, so I may not be the only one kicking it to the curb!
Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Dads "Clean on Me" (S01E03): Warner is upset that his father left the freezer door open all night and everything defrosted, so Eli offers his cleaning lady, Edna. [I can't believe how insensitive it would be to not make sure the door was shut!] But, Camilla takes it as a sign of weakness to have a maid until she gets a chance to drink and watch a movie. It was only supposed to be for the weekend, but Edna prefers working for Warner over Eli, and Eli blames his father. They run out of toilet paper, and dad tears Eli's diploma in half for use. [this was the straw that made me give this series its final warning.] David orders a maid, and a guy shows up, "Shua." [I hate it when people do that. Xander for Alexander, Topher for Christopher. Now Shua for Joshua? NO.] Edna had been working for Eli for six years, so he and David beg her to return, and she decides to because Eli has nothing and Warner has a family. [sucky reason.]

Veronica wants an intern, and hires Crawford, who does a great job. But, they have to let him go when they learn that unpaid interns have to be college students. [really? is that new? or a state thing? because when I was fresh out of graduate school, there were totally unpaid internship options out there for recent graduates...] Warner decides to give him $200/week, which will go to his room & board, effectively not paying him anyway. [haha.] 
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