Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Middle: Brick & Camping, Sue & Darrin

I feel like this is one of those episodes that is unfortunately mis-titled. The "Dollar Days" was not a huge part of the episode, nor did we even learn much about what it was, aside from some sort of local festival that uses its own currency and hosts music groups. Speaking of which, the kids in the background singing "Tomorrow" from Annie was amusing. Anyway, the most amusing part of the episode is tied between how Frankie could possibly be on the job market already and whether Brick has actually found something that is truly capturing his interest. Four episodes left in the season, so both storylines have time to go someplace, even if we won't see another installment until May. Any predictions for what's left to see this season?

The Middle "Dollar Days" (S04E20): Brick joins the Prairie Scouts and soon goes camping. When Mike drops off Brick he learns that the parent in charge is a bit "out there," so he volunteers to take the kids camping in his backyard instead. [good for him!] The other children in the group are from Brick's social skills class, so each ends up needing to go home at some point in the night, forcing Mike to drive all of the kids over to each one's house. But, Brick actually makes it through the night in the tent and earns his second badge!
ABC/Michael Ansell
Frankie graduates from Orson Technical Institute with her certificate in dental hygiene, and promptly starts applying for jobs, though she struggles to "sell herself" in the interviews. [I totally thought that dental hygiene would require two years, not a single semester...] She tries to learn more about herself by asking the family and then taking online personality quizzes, but she winds up landing a position because she's a mother and the office has a lot of pediatric patients. [this could lead to some hilarious scenarios! also, the words the family used to describe Frankie include lazy, angry, tired, naggy, irritable, and ungrateful.] 

Axl gets the band a gig, but Sue and Darrin gang up on him a little with an idea for more percussion and a name that includes all of the members, "DaSeanAx." [not a great name regardless.] Darrin and Axl wind up fighting, and Sue takes a punch when she gets in the crossfire. [ouch!] She decides to end the relationship because she doesn't want to ruin her brother's friendship. [awww.]
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