Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Friday: Funny Game Show Moments

It's been a while now since our showcase of game shows, but when I came across this video in my RSS feed, I just had to share. The compilation was posted to YouTube in January, so you may have seen it, but it's good enough to watch again. Now, I've seen bloopers/poor answer videos for Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune before, but this gem of a video is FIFTEEN MINUTES LONG and contains clips from those two, plus Jeopardy!, Password, Pyramid, The Newlywed Show, Hollywood Squares, Scrabble, and more.

Some of my very favorites (aside from the last one, which had me rolling!) include "name a yellow fruit" "orange!" and the one where nobody can spell "mosquitoes." The "10 decades" one is especially amusing as well. and Yogi. and "fish love." and "hamster eggs." and "grapes." oh, I need to stop. Just go watch and then come comment on which is your favorite!
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