Friday, October 4, 2013

Lucky 7: Not So Lucky

I was late getting up this recap, but now at least I get to lead in with the news that this will be our final recap for this series. I'm actually a bit sad, as this was definitely my favorite of the new dramas, and I really was getting interested in each of the characters, but I was pretty alone in those preferences, apparently. ABC announced the cancellation of Lucky 7 today, after the pilot got 4.4M viewers and the second episode only 2.6M. Anyone else hoping for at least an online burn-off of the other episodes?
 ABC/John Medland
Lucky 7 "Inside Job" (S01E02): Denise looks for the lottery ticket, as she put it someplace for safe keeping and forgot where. Everyone tears apart the store looking for it, and Antonio finds it in the cash register. [if I had a lottery ticket for every time I put something in a "safe place" and forgot where...!] Denise takes Ted back, and the girls go shopping for clothes to wear for a big party. [$9,227.00 is a LOT to blow! and she gets her hair done, too!] Later, Denise tries to be romantic with Ted, but he hardly notices her clad in lingerie amidst music and candles because he's looking for his phone. Denise saw a text on his phone from "cable guy" and sets up a meeting to find out just who her husband's mistress is. [poor Denise. Ted is such a jerk!]

Leanne helps her daughter lie about their past, and then refuses to do interviews. Nobody knows why, but Matt realizes the coworkers all know everything about one another and nothing about Leanne, so he asks her what's up. Turns out, Leanne kidnapped Emma when the girl's biological mother wouldn't allow the adoption to go through, and Leanne didn't want Emma growing up with an addict. [while this couldn't end well, it was definitely different!]

Matt is questioned again about the robbery, as the police had someone read the robber's lips in the security footage. Matt also has to identify the guy in a lineup, but he panics. Nicky tells him to stick with the plan, but Matt says that the perp isn't in the lineup. The investigator was trying to catch him in a lie, but the new angle could be pitting the brothers against one another, as Nicky's alibi falls through when a parking ticket from the night of the robbery is revealed. [stupid details! c'mon, guys!] Also, Mary considers "Angelina" and "Charlize" as names for the baby. [not a fan of either, honestly.] 

Samira's dad wants to start Free Ride Fridays now that they've won the lottery, but she's focused more on her romantic future. She plans to break it off with Nicky because he's trouble, but when he says that she's afraid to disappoint her father, she kisses him. [I thought this girl was supposed to be smart??] Later, they're out together when he gets beat up for the money he owes. [I could do without Nicky.]

Bob has been smelling strawberries, and it turns out that he has a brain tumor. [strawberries? I wish that part would have been explained!] It was only found because of his head injury, so he is glad that it all happened, and is optimistic that he'll be okay. However, his wife is taking it more seriously, even though she had been hoping for a vacation.

At school, Antonio's kid is teased because whenever someone makes a mistake, they call it "pulling a Clemente." [kids are kids and life goes on. it's just tough to see that when you're the kid.]
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