Friday, October 4, 2013

NEW SHOW: Sean Saves the World: The People in Sean's World

There have not been a lot of animals on the pilots this season, so a cockatiel appearing as a pet could become a regular. With a brother who was allergic to cats and dogs, I grew up with lizards and birds, and my mom still has two or three cockatiels. And, speaking of birds, the funniest line of the premiere episode of Sean Saves the World was definitely, "...and I cracked his windshield with a chicken." Sean certainly has some different relationships with the people in his world, from his mother and his daughter to his coworkers and boss, but the dynamics could have been written in so many other ways. E-Commerce isn't as big as it once was, and a high school freshman is going to come up with different (and not as cutesy) problems than, say, an eight-year-old would. I wouldn't put money on this show lasting.
Sean Saves the World "Pilot" (S01E01): Ellie asks her father, Sean, how she was conceived if he's gay, and he explains that he tried not to be gay, only it didn't work. [simple enough.] His mother, Lorna, comes to take Ellie to school, and asks how he's handling being a single father instead of a weekend father, as Ellie recently moved in when her mother relocated.

At work, Liz makes new boss Max mad, and Hunter isn't happy with the products they're selling under the head honcho, so Sean talks to everyone about the situation. But, he also wants to start being home more for Ellie, and the boss wants everyone regularly working late. [definitely not winning anyone over, is he?] Ellie got invited to a concert, and Sean has to leave work early in order to have dinner with her to keep her from going out. He sneaks out the bathroom window, though it takes several attempts, as it is high on the wall. [who throws a chicken back inside??] Max calls Sean at home, causing the father to head for a late-night meeting. Ellie comes too, upset that she might be the reason her father is in trouble. [that's cute that she cared so much.] Sean stands up for himself, but Max gets ready to fire him, until Ellie says that she's been abandoned and needs her father. [they eat his room service on the way out?!?] It's clear that the girl misses her mother, but with grandma nearby and dad desperate to do well, it should work out. 
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