Friday, October 4, 2013

Michael J. Fox: Parenting Mistakes

This episode was heavy on Eve and her relationship with her parents. If Eve was an interesting daughter, this might be great. But, while she's different, she's also more annoying than anything else. Mike and Annie clearly don't know how to handle Ian, and it is beginning to look like they're not experts on Eve, either. This is very disappointing when you think about how much of a "family man" Mike is painted to be in the pilot. I'm going to chalk this episode up to being a fluke, but hopefully the family dynamics will turn around to more amusing levels.

The Michael J. Fox Show "Art" (S01E03): Eve is really enjoying a photography class, where she's been looking at nudes. [I hope my kids ask me to go to museums with them!] Mike and Annie try to talk to Eve about her art, but Mike doesn't get through to her and Eve winds up posing for her. [super creepy! how bad is Annie at life??]
Eric Liebowitz/NBC
When Eve wants to put photos of Annie in her showcase, entitled Mike's Piccolo, Mike and Annie decide to break into the community center and steal the naked images, as well as a few others to stop it from being obvious. Unfortunately, the security guard catches them, but they get away. [] Luckily, they get away, only to wind up coming clean to Eve.

In smaller storylines, Ian is having lady troubles, but he makes up with his girlfriend by the end. [laying with your girlfriend's jeans across yourself is WEIRD.] And, after seeing Leigh put the wrong soap in the dishwasher, Graham decides to do the same thing and has a bubble party with his friends.
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