Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last Man Standing: Mandy Makes a Choice

Sometimes this show's multiple plots don't work together. They don't have to intersect, but only writing for a few of the series' characters and not doing a great job gets annoying quickly. Ed dealing with worker issues might have fit better if Mike did a video for work or even if a Kyle-centric episode had featured the young man GOING to work. Instead, it just depicted him as a lost puppy, following around Mandy, regardless of how little attention she gave him. Plus, is there no subtle way to announce to the audience that a character is using contraceptives?? Vanessa really showed herself to be condescending as well, so this episode was a real stinker in my eyes.

Last Man Standing "Pledging" (S03E03): Kyle has managed to make more friends at school than Mandy, so Vanessa suggests she join a sorority. [Kappa Kappa Nu, apparently.] She does, and wears a pledge shirt around school, but Kyle isn't really welcome at any of the events. Kyle starts hanging out in Mandy's classes when she doesn't have time to hang out with him afterward, and soon he's just going to class for her. [c'mon, Kyle! get with it!] Vanessa suggests that a boyfriend might be one too many things in Mandy's life, so Mandy considers breaking up with Kyle. [first, she has nothing in her life, and now she has too much?] He tells her to stick with school, so if she needs a break from him to spend more time on school, he accepts that. [how did he know it was a metaphor if they hadn't covered that yet?]
So, she winds up deciding to keep Kyle and ditch the sorority, making Kyle upset at Vanessa, who was encouraging her to meet new, interesting men. [why did Mandy tell Kyle? having him mad at Vanessa isn't doing anyone any good!]

At the store, Ed dresses like a worker and hangs out in the loading dock area to see where the issue with productivity is. Fortunately, they just need more men! Ed keeps it up, though, and is soon nominated to talk to "the boss" about a raise. [there was pretty much a union forming, really.]
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