Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Crazy Ones: Sydney Stages a "Spectacular"

After two episodes, it appears as if the actual storylines in this series are short. The 22-minute installments are filled with jokes, which is great. But, it also makes for a rather shallow comedy, and I'm not sure that is what I'm looking for. For instance, Simon and Zack modeling for the models was funny, but not that believable and also a little annoying after a few poses. Sydney solving the "spectacular" problem on her own was great for the character, but apparently she isn't ready to construct such a thing entirely on her own... having grown up in Chicago, you would think she might have a grasp on how detrimental wind can be! At least they were able to turn a disaster into a success, even if all that would do for me is remind me of the incident in the first place! 

The Crazy Ones "The Spectacular" (S01E02): A coffee campaign isn't going well, so Simon wants Sydney to start from scratch. The company offers up a "Spectacular" event, so they need to find something on par with putting a guy in space. [how much money do these companies have if that sort of thing is a goal??] They come up with a way to get coffee to pour from a three-story-high pot, but when it is especially windy, the liquid blows all over the crowd like rain. [gross! I would totally be angry at the coffee company for staining my clothes!] Sydney spins it into a Killer Coffee that is Dangerously Good, parodying an old horror flick.
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Years ago, Simon created a "Spectacular" where he dumped PopRocks into a pond, destroying its ecosystem and wildlife. To make up for it, he raises some ducklings pro bono for the pond's rehabilitation. He gets Andrew to help, and the young man really appreciates the attention it's getting him, even if the "special tasks" aren't exactly glamorous. [um, this is just like Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence, no?]
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