Saturday, October 12, 2013

Elementary - Creating a World Worth Living In... for whom?

One too many steps by an Edward Snowden wannabe leads to a unsatisfying capture. The increase in complexity to Watson's life should hamper her developing detective skills at some point, just as Holmes' Moriarty obsession should keep him unfit for human engagement... it's episode 3, and all's going well.
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Elementary "We Are Everyone" (S02E03): Watson's catch-up time with friends gets interrupted with Holmes' picture messages, containing staged crime scenes using dolls in a dollhouse for her instant analysis. She returns to the Brownstone to find someone waiting to hire her and Holmes to discover where Ezra Kleinfelter, a person who's leaked classified documents, is hiding in order to protect him. But, because Holmes beat their new employer so readily at backgammon ('No Belgium is that bad at backgammon'), they follow him to discover he actually works for Erza's former employers who want Erza eliminated. Questioning the journalist to whom Ezra leaked his information, Watson flexes her 'Sherlock training' and explains that someone unpracticed at lying resorts to a defensive posture when forced to repeat it.

After learning Erza is passing information to the reporter via the security guard, Holmes lifts his phone and they discover someone named 'defenestrator' is harboring Erza. Holmes must engage the underground of the internet all night to get clues on the individual's location. Waking Watson with Clyde the turtle, they discover that a woman named Vanessa Hiskie is most likely hiding Ezra, and they proceed to break into her apartment, only to find her dead.

Watson announces to Holmes she's going to take her friend's suggestion and put up an online dating profile on TrueRomanitx. Asking Holmes to respect this new outlet of engaging the world, he agrees but now violates her privacy by putting Clyde in her bed.

Having to involve the police at this point, Ezra becomes the primary suspect in Vanessa's murder. Holmes and Watson return to the Brownstone, both now unable to tear themselves away from the internet: Watson for dating and Holmes for arguing with the underground. Holmes' theory is the government has gone bad, but soon Watson is getting called about naked train parties and someone has 20 pizzas delivered to their door. Holmes believes Hector the security guard is bringing down the wrath of the internet underground on them because he believes they are enemies of Ezra.

Returning to the police station as 'hacktivitists' continue to try and and torture them, Holmes discovers an O.C.D. (Office of Civil Defense) label on a box of Ezra's things, as he created a number of cold war bunkers. Apparently, the O.C.D. maintained 41 bunkers in New York City. They discover the bunker Ezra must have used, but can't get there before the FBI swoops in and arrests the pair for lots of bogus federal crimes.

After getting out and returning to the now-powerless Brownstone, the man Watson was conversing with on TrueRomantix stops by to make sure she's OK. Holmes gets back online but only to learn Erza is 'gone.' Tracking the leader of everyone, the online group helping Ezra, Holmes and friends end up catching him about to board a private plane, but have to let him on the threat of releasing the names of agents in deep cover.

Watson surprisingly lifts Ezra's watch before he boards the plane, which can be used to match his DNA to Vanessa's murder. Holmes returns to his employer and asks him to release the agents' names to the government and help them, as he was an agent himself.

Ezra is captured and confesses, removing everyone's grudge against them, returning power and internet to the Brownstone. Watson returns from a date and encourages Holmes to let other people get to know him, oblivious to the fact he's reading his latest letter received from Jamie Moriarty (formerly Irene Adler).
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